Saturday, September 20



I'm hosting a LIVE CHAT on Monday night (September 22nd)! I'll be sharing about my own journey as a coach, about what coaching is, about how I make it work in my life, explaining what you do daily as a coach and how that creates an income that you can grow to match your goals, and about the amazing culture on our team! You'll also get to hear from coaches on our team about their experience as well! We'll talk about how to make a business out of it without being one of "those people" (you know what I mean! HAHA!) and we'll have an open Q&A time at the end where you can ask me questions!

It is my joy to get to wake up each day and challenge and inspire people to live their best lives. Paying forward all the amazing experiences I've personally had taking control of my health to others who are ready to do the same! And it's just a ridiculous bonus that Beachbody pays me to do it.

Join us this Monday night at 8PM EST! It's zero obligation, all you have to do is RSVP so I know who to expect! Just click on the image above to email me your RSVP! I'll be sending out the link to the live video chat to everyone who RSVPs! I'd be honored to have you there hanging out with us!

** Outside of the coaches on TEAMBTFP, this chat time is going to be limited to people who are non-coaches only. Thanks for understanding!
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