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What is P90

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WHO: Who is P90 for? EVERYONE! This program is literally made for everyone! It is intended to be a foundational program for people who want results but aren't ready (or willing) to jump into a more intense program like P90X or Insanity. Simple cardio, simple strength training, an easy-to-follow nutrition plan, and short workouts.

WHAT: P90 is a 90 Day Fitness Program created by Tony Horton (creator of P90X, P90X2, and P90X3!) It includes 10 workouts all between 20-40 minutes long. We all have to start somewhere and this program is perfect for creating a solid foundation to introduce fitness into your life as well as conquering your fear of getting started, of cardio and of strength training.

WHEN: It is NOW AVAILABLE! And you'll only be able to get it through a Beachbody coach. Like me! Click here to make me your coach so you can get your hands on this program when it comes out!

WHERE: P90 is a program you can do it at home saving you time and money and allowing you sooooo much more freedom with your schedule! You only need a little bit of space. Fire your gym! Home workout programs ftw! ;)

WHY: Tony Horton saw the need for a program that taught the foundational skills for people who are new to fitness, who might have a lot of weight to lose, or who just want a great workout program that isn't as crazy intense as P90X! 


Here's a quick sneak at the 10 amazing workouts that will be included in this program. As you can see, your whole body will get worked! And with 10 workouts, your won't get bored. The results are starting to come out from the test group subjects and they are so incredible! Mostly because they show REAL people instead of body builders or bikini models. I love it!

Here are the REAL RESULTS...


I want to say how proud I am of the women who are in these photos! I know it's scary showing your before photos to the world and they are some serious heroes for allowing themselves to be vulnerable. But bigger than that... I am so proud to be part of a company that doesn't just promise quick fixed with crazy photoshopped before and after photos. I am so honored that these are the photos coming out for P90 because they show REAL WOMEN with bodies that look like real bodies! Here is a quote from Valene, the woman in the image on the left side. A mother of 2 who took charge of her health. I am so proud of her and so honored to be a fit mama just like her!

"Ok, so here it goes. It is taking A LOT of courage and swallowing of pride to post these pictures - I'm so embarrassed, but I keep telling myself that it's not who I am anymore! I hope that it inspires someone, anyone...even if it's just ONE person - to take the leap. Then it will be worth it to me. I am a Mom of 2 awesome, and beautiful kiddos. I work full time. On the left, I was full of WHATEVER excuses I could think of. On the RIGHT is the result of me pushing all those excuses out of my head, and taking charge of my own health. I've lost weight before...up/down and back UP again. But NEVER again. With #P90 I have achieved results that I thought were unattainable for me! In 90 days, about 30-45 minutes of exercise a day along with a clean and healthy diet, I lost 25 pounds and 21.5 inches!! If I can do can do it! Take that chance on yourself and make it happen!! iIt's your turn!" -Valene

I know that starting can be the hardest part! And I don't want this to be just another fitness program that you buy and that sits on your shelf collecting dust. I want to make sure you stick with it and succeed at your goals! My job as a coach is to be your support system! So I have an online fitness challenge group where we will all start together, meal plan, keep each other accountable, and celebrate success together! Click on the photo below to email me or fill out the application below to get more info on P90 once it launches!!!


Interested in P90? It is now available! You can get it right here if you're ready! Make me as your free coach to make sure you have access to it when it is available for purchase! You can also join the Better Together Fitness Project community on FB to stay in the know on this and other product launches as well as inspiring quotes and tips each week! I have a challenge group forming for October and you are more than welcome to join it and give P90 a try! If you want to be on the list just fill out this quick form!

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