Tuesday, October 21

7 Struggles Only #TEAMBTFP Challengers Understand...

7 Struggles Only #TEAMBTFP Challengers Understand: 

1. That moment when... you can't decide between Chocolate or Strawberry for your smoothie this morning #thestruggleisreal

2. That moment when.... your Facebook feed fills up with motivated people posting inspiring things because you started following all your challenge mates on FB and you feel like you have to bring your A game now to keep up.

3. That moment when... your DVD starts to skip with only 2 minutes left in your workout and you feel a sense of rage that you made it this far and by golly you are going to FINISH!

4. That moment when... none of your pants fit anymore because this stuff is actually working!

5. That moment when... you have a funny thought at work and you want to log into your challenge
group to share it with your friends but your boss is standing nearby so you have to wait. womp womp

6. That moment when... you start to feel like your challenge group friends have been your friends in real life for years. (A month of workouts feels like years, doesn't it?)

7. That moment when... you finish your first challenge, have an incredible time, and decide to keep going into the next month but can't decide which program to try next! T25? Piyo? 21 Day Fix? How will you choose?! ;)

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