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How Many Girls Does it Take To Crash A Mansion's Wi-Fi (And Other Diamond Retreat Shenanigans... A Recap)

What happens when you invite 32 women to spend 3 days at a Real World-style mansion to share their dreams, goals, successes, failures, and to generally just soak up each other's awesome? It's hard to put it into words, in all honesty. So instead... I'll show you some photos!
bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-44 bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-9 gratitudenotes We were welcomed with balloons, a bunch of swag, and an incredible gratitude board where we could all write special notes to each other to read on our way home from the retreat. For a words-of-affirmation girl like myself it was pretty much the best thing ever. I couldn't help but get all teary eyed reading the affirming letters from all my fellow coaches telling me all kinds of uplifting truths that sometimes I forget or don't see in myself. I'm definitely stealing this idea for my own Diamond retreat that I'll be hosting next year with my team! It was so special! 10693424_793928877319889_1121232520_n The best part about events like this is getting to be face to face with people who you spend so much digital time with, who you share so much of your heart with, but who you live far away from. This is Shannon, she is one of my success partners which means that she has been by my side cheering me on, believing in me, sharing ideas and advice with me, and being a listening ear if I needed to talk. I LOVE every minute of face to face time I get with her since she lives a state away. bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-5 bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-8 Our first evening in the house, we were treated to an incredible Thanksgiving inspired dinner... "Friendsgiving" to celebrate all we are thankful for in the last year as a team and in our businesses. bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-7 bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-11 bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-12 Look at those 21 Day Fix approved portions! ;) bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-2 bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-1 bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-6 Loved the attention to detail. It really makes a girl feel special to have her own place setting! I never realized how much I missed feeling like I was part of something bigger until I was part of it again. Back in high school I played team sports. And that feeling of closeness and family with the girls on my volleyball team was something so special! As an adult, there's not really a lot of ways for us to feel that. So when I stumbled into this incredible coaching thing I never expected to also stumble into that same feeling of family and purpose! It's probably what I'm most thankful for in this business- more than the money, more than the free trips, more than the weight loss... I love feeling like part of a group of people who love me, care about me, and support me no matter what! It's a special sisterhood I've never really gotten to experience in life till now. bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-10 bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-13 bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-14 On our team there is a very special tradition of gifting a very special necklace from Tiffany's to coaches when they hit a specific place in their business. Here is my sweet friend Betsy getting her necklace! So excited for her! I love these little traditions! bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-15 This was a very special thing that we did. Each evening 10 of us got to tell our stories. We were asked to choose 3 events in our life that shaped who we are and where we are now. Well, as you can imagine, it quickly turned into very vulnerable sharing as each person opened up about their struggles and victories in their life. Tears were shed and the bond between us grew like crazy! bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-34 Each day we had some sessions where we were poured into with some incredible exercises to help us grow as leaders and businesswomen. We were all given journals and this was the one I picked. bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-29 bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-26 bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-25 bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-28 We were asked to really dig deep and discover our true motivations in life and business. These exercises were so incredible. As was just having the time and space to really reflect. I realized that while it is a big passion of mine to help women lose weight and re-discover their confidence, my true, underlying passion is helping women to cultivate freedom in their lives by growing into successful creative business owners. It helped me to narrow my focus and I'm so excited about some of the direction changes I'll be taking in my coaching business over the next few months to dig deep into this passion of building women up, helping them find their voice and their inner strength, and then helping them to leverage that into a successful business where they can feel like they have the freedom to move in any direction in life they want! bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-30 The beauty and strength we have as women is incredible. And I want to help everyone to dig deep and re-discover that side of themselves. The dreamer and the doer. Confidence and clear vision is so beautiful. Just like my friend Megan, here. bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-20 The Diamond Retreat... Fueled by Shakeology ;) bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-21 bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-27 bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-19 My bohemian soul sister, Lindsay Stay. I love how authentic and passionate she is about helping people to find healing for themselves and their families in the most natural ways! bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-33 bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-35 bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-36 Billy was our chef for the retreat and he CRUSHED it! I can't imagine how difficult it would be to plan, prepare, and serve dinner for 32 fitness coaches from vegans to paleo people but he did an amazing job and everything was delicious! bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-32 It's pretty cool when the CEO of the company makes a special video message just for you! bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-40 If it were up to me, all my business meetings would happen poolside. Just like this. bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-42 We got to sample a workout from the newest program launching next week from Shaun T called Insanity Max 30! It is crazy! It's going to be an incredible program for everyone who loves pushing themselves to the max! Email me if you want me to let you know the minute it launches! bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-43 My friend and success partner, Morgan, in beast mode! She was one of the only people who made it all the way through the workout! HA! bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-41 During the entire weekend I kept hearing the quote "Everything you can imagine is real" on a loop in my mind. (I've been reading a lot of Deepak Chopra, stay with me...) A year ago if you would have told me that in a year I'd be working as a fitness and wellness coach, a business mentor in the best shape of my adult life, hanging out at a mansion with 32 other leaders in the company, and making a full time income from this thing I would have told you that you were straight up insane. Yet, here I am! It makes me think that the future is really unlimited! If this happened this year what does next year have in store for me?! What could it have in store for you? bombshelldiamondretreat2014_BTR-31 I was so sad for the weekend to end and all my friends to have to go back to their homes. I won't get to see them again till we are all re-united in Cancun next spring (a free trip we earned for our work this year coaching... thanks Beachbody!) If this post makes your heart stir, if the idea of this makes something swell within you, reach out to me and let's talk about what kind of future you could create with the help of our team! I'd love to hear your goals and dreams and help you get there!
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