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GIRLBOSSING | An Introverts Guide To Social Media Marketing and Self Promotion


Hey there introverts! I see you tucked away in your living rooms under piles of blankets browsing Pinterest photos of quiet mountain cabins as your business social media to do list overfloweth! I am hearing from some introverted girlbosses that they are nervous about sharing their stories online for fear of what others would think. I even heard someone recently tell me that they though they just didn't have what it takes to be effective online.

Let me tell you a secret. Introverts are crushing it online and you can too! All you have to do is recognize your special strengths and play on your powers of authenticity!

I, as luck would have it, have been introverted (and marketing businesses online as such) since before it was cool to be, so I've had a lot of first hand experience at navigating the seemingly treacherous waters of introversion and social media. Since self promotion is pivotal for girlbosses and artistpreneurs, even the quieter ones, I want to share with you my top five tips for self promotion and social media that I've learned through trail and error over the years...

Not everyone is going to like you, or the things you have to say. And as a generally sensitive person and an introvert, that fact alone can be enough to stop you before you even get started. But once you realize that you don't need (or even want) everyone to like you and the things you have to say, you are free to really dig in and focus on your niche (aka the smaller group of people who are your ideal customers or clients or peers). Once you do, you'll start to feel a deep connection as the people who "get you" start to respond and in turn you can form real connections that feed your introvert soul and also your bottom line.

I found this term "scheduled bravery" online and loved it because it explains pretty much exactly what I do when I share vulnerable or raw or more transparent parts of my story and journey and process. It can be scary to reach out to people, to ask for feedback, to share something close to your heart... so what I like to do is schedule in my big moments of bravery. That might mean that I work on a post for a week or so but don't actually publish it till a day when I'm feeling especially brave. Or, in a moment of bravery and boldness I may pump out a bunch of great content. So I'll share some and save the rest for a future day when I'm not feeling as inspired. That way I'm not draining myself farther on days when I'm already socially spent.

All of us have incredibly intricate stories of who we are, how we got here, why we do what we do, and our vision for the future. But trying to communicate all of that all at once is overwhelming, emotionally draining, and let's be honest... a bit boring for our audience. No one wants to hop onto a blog to read an entire autobiography all at once, just like no one is on Instagram looking for an hour long discussion on your brand's backstory. So instead, do what I like to call "breadcrumbing". Give little bits at a time that lead your audience along with you.

Transparency does not mean being an open book to total strangers. As introverts, we crave authentic connections, but we also feel wary of strangers who we don't already have a foundation of relationship with. The same is true online. If you feel protective over certain aspects of your life, that's fine, in fact, it's smart. Pick and chose where your boundaries for sharing will be and then stick with them. For example, I'm okay sharing bits and pieces about my son and his life but I'm very private about our families religious and political views as well as the ins and outs of our personal relationships. I think those things are to be protected and held close to our hearts. So I keep them to myself. But I am very open about my own journey and struggles as well as the day-to-day aspects of our family life. See the difference?

Sometimes I don't have the emotional capacity to deal with feedback or negativity. And both those things are par for the course when it comes to putting yourself out there online. So I pick and choose the avenues I allow conversations to happen in online. Messages and comments are turned off on various of my channels. And if someone starts to get overly aggressive or venomous with me I instantly block them. There's no room for unnecessary hatefulness in my world. So while I love conversations on my facebook page and on most posts here on the blog, I turn off the option on my YouTube channel and on some especially sensitive blog posts.

Marketing yourself (cough, self promotion, cough) doesn't have to be icky. Social media is just a form of communication. And we introverts are actually quite good at communication! Introverts are fantastic at connecting on a deeper level. So instead of thinking that you can't be effective sharing about yourself or your business on social media, look for ways to utilize your introverted strengths like authenticity and depth! I can't wait to see what you do! xo.
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