Sunday, December 28

Resolution Rising | A New Years Resolutions Challenge

Introducing the first ever Resolutions Rising! 

I have always LOVED these photo challenges on Facebook and Instagram and I have always wanted to host one but the timing (and subject matter) never felt quite right. That is, until now... 

I had the idea after hearing some strangers talking about how much they disliked where they were at in their life right now and their plans to change that come the new year. Now I'm all for personal growth and healthy change (heck, that's pretty much my job as a coach to help people do both those things) but what I just couldn't let go of was the foundation their change was grounded in - self loathing. 

As much as I think you must hit a breaking point where you know that you just can't go on the same way any longer, and use that as the fire to fuel your motivation for positive changes in your life, I do think that we must LOVE and RESPECT ourselves and our journey. And part of that includes the destination you are currently at. So the idea for Resolutions Rising came to me when I was thinking about how I could encourage my January fitness challengers to document their progress in images. I thought... what if we take it a step farther, beyond weekly progress photos, and have an entire month long project everyone can take part in where they not only document their own physical changes but also go on a journey to be present IN the change. Not just trying to rush to the finish line, but paying attention to how they feel in the midst of the transformation.

On Sunday's you'll post a Sunday Selfie. This is not to be vain, but rather to get you in front of your own camera. If you are in one of my fitness challenge groups, your body will be changing over the upcoming weeks and sometimes scales are not the best indicator of all the changes happening, but photos are! Most of us default to the idea that "we'll take photos after" we get to our "ideal". But I want you taking photos before, during, and at the end. That way you can look back and see how far you've come. Also, I want you to find the beauty in yourself at every stage along the way! 

I think this is super important. Because we can't plant hate within ourselves and expect to see positive change grow from that. We need to take the time to find the good. Even if all you can find that you like one day is the way your fingers wrap around that cup of tea in your lap, or the way the new red lipstick you just bought looks in the light from your car window. Whatever it is, I want you to search for it. I want you to purposefully engage with yourself during this season of change. Yes, make your resolutions. Yes, be motivated to change for the better. Yes, say goodbye to the things that hold you back. But love yourself through the process, not just at the end.

The idea is to simply take a photo every day in January WHILE you are going through the changes that your resolutions have brought into your life. That's all. Nothing fancy. No professional photography skills required. You can even do the entire thing from your phone if you want! Be inspired by YOU and the world you live in currently. Pause and enjoy the process. You can shoot every day, or just when you feel inspired. You could share every day, just on the weekends, on instagram, on facebook, on your blog... whatever you feel inclined to do! 

This is not meant to be yet another obligation, but rather to be something free flowing, to bring a breath of fresh air into your life and inspire you to love yourself more WHILE you are in the midst of transformation. You don't even have to share your photos if you don't want to, this project can be just for you to savor yourself. If you do want to share, I've made you a list of photo prompts above to inspire you and give you a focused intention. 

If you want to publicly take part, share the image above of the photo prompts anytime between now and the 1st of January and hashtag your post with #RESOLUTIONRISING so everyone else who is participating can see you!  I'll be taking part on my instagram @BECKAROBINSON if you want to follow my own entries! If you want to pay it forward after you post, search for the hashtag and look through some other people's photos and send a few likes or thumbs up out into cyberspace in a karmic pay-it-forward affirmation circle. Everyone likes to be seen.

PS. If you want to not only do this photo challenge but also join me in one of my January fitness challenges to help you get healthy, lose weight, and gain confidence, shoot me an email to I'm taking registrations through MONDAY! xo

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