Monday, January 12


I am so excited you guys! This week has just been insane. I have so much to share. I personally hit a few huge milestones in my business, my team achieved an incredible goal, I just claimed my spot on what will be my 3rd free vacation with Beachbody, AND... Beachbody just made a crazy big announcement that I've been waiting for since I signed up as a coach!

So up till now if you wanted to do a Beachbody program you had to order it in DVD form. Which is fine, but if you are someone who is used to streaming everything (like me!) it was a bit of change. And for people like me who use Apple computers (that don't have disc drives) it made keeping up with workouts while traveling a challenge. I would bring my DVD's but I wasn't always able to get a DVD player in my hotel rooms. Or... you could buy an external DVD drive for your laptop but that's just one more thing to have to do and remember. So I've been wishing, and hoping, and dreaming that Beachbody would take into consideration the fact that most things now-a-days are streaming (iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go) and add that to their offerings.

Well that day has come! This week Beachbody announced that they are going to be adding streaming on demand workouts to the mix! And even more exciting, I'm going to get to be a part of the Beta Testers. This should be rolling out for the public this spring! Just in time to really kick things into high gear and get ready for summertime bikini season!

If you have been waiting for this too and want to know more when it is officially open to the public, make me your coach (it's free) by clicking on the button below and I'll make sure to email you when everything is available for you to stream direct on demand! Woo!

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