Saturday, January 17

My Year of Self Development...

With 2015 I felt this surge of excitement and momentum and this deep desire to unravel myself in a new way. 2013 that the warm up. 2014 felt like practice. 2015 feels like game time. And while I did read a good amount last year it was out of a sense of duty. To work on growing myself as a businesswoman, which is great! And some of the things I read (like the Slight Edge) changed my perspective and helped me become a much more effective human in all different areas. Books like Tribes helped me discover my passion for uniting people towards a goal. But I felt a bit, well, unenthusiastic about the rest of my reading list. I was learning a lot, but, you know how it goes...

I got bored. Or I got learned-out. Or I got preoccupied with this idea of self discovery. This feeling of emerging. This feeling like I was on the precipice of something big. Changing perspectives, soul coming back to life. For 2014 I set a super reasonable goal of 12 books. 1 book per month. And I built my reading list based on titles that stirred something inside me. Books that dig deeper into the soul. Last year I fed my brain. This year I'm feeding my spirit.

I also resolved to read books I could get from the library. There's a 3 week rental period so it forces me to stay on track with my reading. And so far... I'm ahead because I've been LOVING the books I'e been reading so much that I want to read them instead of doing other things. I've got a notebook full of scribbles and notes and musings that go through my mind as I'm reading.

Here's my current reading list for the year, ever-evolving...

I'm always adding so if you have a favorite title that you think I'd love please let me know!!! I originally told myself 12 books for the year but I have a feeling I'm going to end up finishing a bunch more than that!
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