Monday, February 2

Creating Your Self Love Manifesto - An Instagram Challenge!

I was blown away by the incredible response to last month's #RESOLUTIONRISING instagram challenge. Incredible visual stories poured in and we had over 558 posts to the hashtag! Incredible! So much so that I decided to keep the fun going this month. But I wanted to switch things up and do things a little different this month. So without delay, here is your challenge for February...

Starting the first week of February, we are going to start BUILDING a MANIFESTO of love to ourselves. And we're going to do it via images and words on instagram. It's going to be so powerful and beautiful and I cannot wait to dive in myself and also to see what inspiring things you all come up with! Using the prompts in the February #SELFLOVEMANIFESTO you'll be able to really dig deeper into practicing self care in a month when love is the theme and so often hatred is what we end up showing to ourselves. You'll also be instantly connecting with an entire tribe of inspiring souls working toward practicing more love toward themselves and in return, to others!

How to play: 
Simply use the weekly prompt all through each week, even every day, to inspire you to build a manifesto for the year about how you are going to show care and love toward yourself. Your images can be anything that moves you or makes you feel loved, it can be an expression of how you want to grow, it can be anything! Post as frequently or infrequently as you like, just hashtag your images #SELFLOVEMANIFESTO so we can all see and inspire each other. If you'd like extra good karma, each time you post a photo, go into the hashtag and like and comment on 3 other images, to pay the good vibes and loving energy forward!

Week One: 
Share how you care for your soul, your spirit, the deeper side of yourself. Or share how you want to care for it this upcoming year. What makes you feel something? What makes you come alive? What brings you peace? How will you nurture the spiritual side of yourself this year? How will you give yourself space to expand and grow? Use this prompt to dig deeper into how you resolve to love your soul this year!

Week Two: 
Self love often hits a brick wall when it comes to loving the skin we are in, doesn't it? I gave you a warm up week to focus on your soul but now it's time to come face to face with the process of loving your body. How are you going to show yourself care? Is it in your thoughts? Actions? Deeds? Use this prompt to explore ways to love yourself just as you are while in the process of refinement.

Week Three: 
Time to celebrate what makes you, you! Stop playing small. You hold the DNA for the entire universe. Within you is the entire spectrum of potential for the human experience! You are a world within a world. Celebrate your successes, your small victories, your big victories. Celebrate the day to day, the things that strike you as beautiful or joyful or special. Carve out time to be happy for yourself! Use this prompt this week to stop pretending like you aren't worth it.

Week Four: 
Time to reflect on what we've done this month. By now you should have built an entire manifesto of self love to use as your foundation this upcoming year. Now it's time to pay some respect. Use this prompt this week to be humble and grateful for what you have. No pity parties allowed. Find something, no matter how small and cling to it if you need to. Gratitude is the foundation for joy.

Last tips... 
There are no rules. Post every day. Post just once. Post once a week. Or just do this project for yourself and no one else. Feel free to share the master graphic on your Instagram so your own friends and family can join in!
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