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Hustle + Heart | How I Became A Full Time Beachbody Coach

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We were out to dinner with some friends. And it hit me as the conversation shifted to an upcoming trip I was taking to LA because of my success as a coach... My friends don't really understand what I'm doing. 

How could that be? I mean, I feel like I'm constantly talking about it (on social media) and sharing about my team and my challengers and the ins and outs of this stuff. But as my friends looked at me with confusion in their eyes asking questions like, "So, you're like really doing well at this then?" that I realized maybe I don't share enough about exactly what it is I'm doing and exactly what it is doing in our life. I realized that person to person I'm pretty quiet about it. And even online I try to avoid over-sharing so I don't come off as bragging. But what a disservice that is doing! I'm missing out on letting those that I love and care about have the ability to witness my life and celebrate alongside me! I'm missing out on having my story reach others who might need to hear it. If my own real life friends don't know what's going on in my life, then I'm definitely not doing it right.

I thought it was time to give everyone an official update! Share a little bit more about what I'm doing, what it looks like, and what it means for our life and family! Read on if you're interested and if not, not worries you're excused to go back to whatever it was you were doing before you stumbled your way over here. ;)

I'll try to keep things short and I'll actually be breaking my story down more over the upcoming weeks and sharing it in pieces for you. But for now I want to give an update!

About 16 months ago I signed up to be a coach with Beachbody. I was at an extremely low point in my life. The stresses of life and being a creative business owner were heavy. We had just added a baby to our life and the adjustment of that was tough too. I was still carrying about 80 pounds of extra weight that was making me miserable and sick. When I found out that I could earn some income as a coach to help offset my own expenses for using Beachbody products to get healthy, I was intrigued. I signed up because I was offered an incredible mentorship opportunity that I just couldn't pass up.

I instantly started sharing about my own experience and journey with some of Beachbody's products: a program called T25 and their superfood shake called Shakeology. In the first 2 weeks of using them and of being involved in what's called a challenge group I had already seen a few pounds come off and was feeling incredible! Fueled by my quick progress I committed 110% to eating clean and working out from home every day. T25 is short workouts so it wasn't too hard to keep up with and the accountability and encouragement from the other people doing programs at home too kept me motivated. As I continued sharing and having my own progress people started to ask me questions and want to try it for themselves. So I started leading challenge groups of my own for those people! It was such an incredible shift in my life. From feeling stuck and powerless and out of control with my health to feeling empowered and like I was actually inspiring and helping other people too!

In the first 2 weeks I earned back enough money to cover what I had spend on my own copy of T25 and Shakeology. Excited to be "in the green" I decided to keep going and see what happened. At that time being a coach was helping me as much as I was helping others so I was so pumped up to keep going. By the end of 2013 I had lost a significant amount of the weight that I had struggled for so long to lose with no success until then. And as a reward for the people that I was able to help in those 5 months, Beachbody invited me to go FOR FREE on an all expense paid cruise for a week to the Caribbean!


That trip was my first real taste of what this could be in my life and for my family's future. I was able to meet coaches from all over the country, to meet the trainers who created all the incredible programs (like Shaun T from T25 and Tony Horton from P90x) and even the CEO of the company! I was able to hang out with coaches on my team who up until then I had only known over Facebook (So fun, we pretty much instantly felt like sisters!) and hear incredibly inspiring stories of success. I came back from the cruise with a new vision! I knew that I wanted to build a full time business from coaching and helping others and to teach other people how to do the same. Later that year I got to go to Vegas for Beachbody's annual convention and it was a game changer! Meeting some girls who already felt like sisters in person finally and realizing that I had stumbled into friendships and sisterhoods I could have never expected! And then outside of that just getting to experience the energy and positivity of the entire company! It completely validated my experience up to that point and fired me up to hit the 2nd half of  the year running! I also got certified as a Piyo instructor because I loved the program so much! (I want to create Piyo paddleboard classes eventually! How fun would that be?!)

Up until then I had always LOVED the creative and self employed community. This blog was a place where I would connect with other artists and women who were self employed. I loved it. But I never really thought I could figure out a way to get paid to help those women grow into successful business owners. I didn't know how to leverage that passion. Until now. (In fact, I'm working on a blog post about how self employed creatives can leverage opportunities like this for mega growth! Because I really think this is the answer we were always looking for and never realized we could have!)

Over the year of 2014 (which I'll dig into more in future posts) I was able to continue in my own health goals losing over 70 pounds! I found my confidence again. I was feeling better than I ever had. Feeling stronger. Accomplished (a 70 pound weight loss goal is not for the faint of heart!) And empowered. We were earning a few hundred dollars a week from my coaching and it was taking the pressure off our budget. (As a self employed artist your income always comes in waves and during the times between the waves things get stressful. Add to that a new baby and extra expenses and it becomes downright frightening sometimes.) We were able to pay off ALL of the credit card debt we had slowly accumulated over the years without using any of the money from our regular income. We were able to travel to visit family without having to put it on a credit card. We were able to put a bit in savings and live a life with less worries about our finances. I don't know about you, but that was HUGE for us! When you are self employed, there's no such thing as a regular paycheck or residual income. Now there was! It was a huge weight off our shoulders! I knew I wasn't going to stop, I couldn't now that I'd seen how incredible the experience can be.

By the fall of 2014 I was leading a small team of women who were inspired by my own results and experience and wanted to create positive change in their lives too! They all had various health and fitness goals and various business visions but helping them to chart a course, be creative, be inspiring, and create freedom for themselves became a huge passion to me and since then our team grew from just the new kids on the block to being ranked #35 out of 400,000+ (that means we are in the top .01% best teams!)


Our team became close like a sisterhood and I realized that this, this was what I had been missing without realizing it! This culture of support, of encouragement, of creativity! This place where we dream big together and where our success is based on how much we can help others succeed. It's brilliant and beautiful! A bunch of independent girllbosses encouraging and celebrating each other along the way. We are friends, sisters, artists, scientists, performers, teachers, stay-at-home moms, yoga teachers, real estate agents... we come from all walks of life but we have 1 thing in common: a burning desire to build a business that lets us live our life by design and fulfill our dreams!

So, to all my friends and family who might not know what exactly I'm doing and what it means... I am now earning a significant full time income working part time from home as a wellness coach. I'm on track to reach the 6 figure income mark this year. Each month I lead online "Challenge groups" where groups of people commit to a health and fitness goal and we hold each other accountable all month long! I also mentor and train people who want to get in the best health of their lives (physically, mentally, and financially) and teach them how to build a business based on integrity, creativity, leading by example, and helping others. I am ranked in the top .01% of the company now and have been invited on 6 free trips courtesy of Beachbody. So yes, I'm doing okay. HA!

And I'm not stopping. Because this has become a burning passion. How could I ever go back? I want to be in the best shape of my life this summer. And I have a goal to help 10 of the coaches on my team get to the point where they are also earning full time incomes before the end of this year! It's an incredible thing to get to pay that gift forward and show these incredible women that they do not have to be stuck. That they can build their way out with an incredible community at their feet supporting them every step of the way. Here's me with some of the girls I mentor at Summit (the annual summer convention for Beachbody) this year! Hello sisterhood!!!


I am so thankful that I stumbled onto this path. I wake up each day so excited to check in with my challengers and my coaches to hear their victories and successes, to give them accountability to reach their goals, to help them grow and become the best women they can be. I'm obsessed.

So that's where I'm at my friends! Thanks for reading! I hope to share more of my story here on the blog in the upcoming weeks. Stick around if you're interested. Or you can connect with me on FB or IG for daily peeks into what I'm doing. I promise future posts will be shorter. Ha!


And if you read this and think "I need that!" shoot me a message! I'm happy to help you get started on a fitness plan and get you plugged into our INCREDIBLE challenge group community! Or if you want to talk about joining our team and getting mentored by me, fill out this application. And lastly, if you are reading this and some tiny fire is starting to burn inside you and you're thinking "That's looks amazing! But I could never do it." Let me encourage you. WHY NOT YOU TOO? You are no different than my or any of the most successful people in this company! You have the same exact opportunity, you just have to reach out and take it! I am super passionate about helping people get UNSTUCK. I will give you all the same tools and trainings that I used to get to where I am at today! APPLY NOW to get mentored by me and let's get you started right away!

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