Wednesday, February 18

If You Give A Toddler A Camera...

Our son got a camera as a 3rd birthday present and he's been carrying it around with him ever since. I didn't realize how many places it had been with him till I dumped the photos because the storage was full and he was frustrated. When I did I got a little teary eyed getting to step into his world and his perspective for a few minutes. From our trip to visit his grandparents, to dinner at a restaurant, to random photos around our house, to daycare... he had been snapping shots all over and they offer a pretty incredible view into life as a newly 3 year old.

I never realized how much it might feel like the world is towering over him till I looked through these images. Big things and big creatures hovering over or in his face. His view is often of our torso's or little details I might miss. Some of the times he took photos I didn't even realize he had his camera. And then there's the candid photos of me....

If you ever want to step outside of your own insecurities about how you look, give your innocent, beautiful, wide-eyed child a camera and see how they see you. I'm almost crying again just writing it out. Just me, his mom. Not a woman trying to dress in flattering colors or stand in flattering positions, or highlight the best parts and hide the things I don't like... just his Mama, being that, and to him I think I'm perfect just the way I am.

As a photographer myself, I'm humbled by his viewpoint on things. Realizing how overwhelming the world might seem to him sometimes and how much we just expect him to understand when he might not. How well he notices details that we grown ups might miss. I thought I'd share some of my favorites in case you're curious what the world looks like to a little kid...

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