Sunday, February 15

MENTORSHIP OPPORTUNITY! Join our top ranked team!


On Friday I got some pretty crazy news. I found out that my team (TeamBTFP) is ranked #30 in the entire Beachbody network! That is out of over 240,000 in case you're curious. As in, top 50. As in, really close to top 25. As in, just 20 positions away from TOP TEN! I'm still a little bit afraid to even say it out loud for fear that it will burst like a bubble when you try to catch it! It is a testament to the passion I have for this coaching thing and for Beachbody and the incredible programs and opportunity they offer.

And it is a direct reflection of the incredible people on my team who have caught the vision and have a passion for affecting positive change in the world! Both for themselves and for others! I have some pretty big and audacious goals for 2015 and getting to hear that we jumped up from being ranked in the 120's at year end to #30 this month poured gasoline on the fire that I already had been stoking. Foot on the gas. You haven't seen anything yet!


My team will be hosting an online Q&A this week for anyone who has been wondering if joining us and being a coach might be the right thing for them.

We'll be answering common questions like:
➳ Can I do this if I don't want to be a salesman?
➳ Do I have to be at my goal weight to be successful as a coach?
➳ How do coaches get paid?
➳ How in the world do you make a full-time income from home?
➳ How much does it cost to get started?
➳ What kind of training and support is available?
➳ Isn't all network marketing a pyramid scheme? (spoiler alert: nope)

This will be a private, NO OBLIGATION, private group hosted on Facebook for anyone interested in learning more about the coaching opportunity. It will take place this upcoming week and we'll be sharing details, information and videos that will help you learn more about what it is I do. Basically, you'll get a private sneak peek into what I do! We start on Monday, February 16th, so click on the link at the end of this post to join. Feel free to share with your friends! I'm looking to take on 5 more women this month to personally mentor to help them get started strong as coaches on our team!

If you want to go ahead and claim a spot in my mentorship, apply with this form
And if you want to join our no obligation sneak peek to learn more. Add yourself here and leave a comment letting me know you came from the blog! 
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