Sunday, February 15

The Weekend Collection: New Moons, De-Cluttering and How To Say Your Name

Happy weekend of love internet friends! What did you do yesterday? We aren't big on Valentine's day in our house so we mostly just told each other nice things and hung around. Pho for dinner, movies on the sofa for dessert. 

For your post-holiday daze enjoyment, here's some of the best things I saw around the internet this week! Make sure to take some time to re-fuel your soul today before the new week starts! Enjoy.
➳ Are you ready for new moon changes? I am!

➳ I actually just finished telling my husband I wanted to tackle a great purge this month! Love this not-too-serious article about transforming a chaotic space with cleaning...
"Ready, set, affirm“My messes are gone, and I live in a beautiful space now…” Now look around… mess still there? Shit."

➳ This hair situation is one of the craziest things I've ever seen.

➳ I currently have over 1300 unread messages so I need this: How To Stop Hating Your Email

➳ I finally found some good quality bones to make broth. Here's the recipe I'll be trying.

➳ My favorite food blogger just won first place in my heart with this new post about paleo lumpia!

➳ I am OBSESSED with this trinket shelf in the workplace of The Bloomfield School

➳ Do you sense a theme happening? Here's 10 Things To Purge For Instant Decluttering

➳ Shameless plug: I revamped my page about my online fitness/wellness challenges.

➳ Does your instagram feed need a makeover? Re-imagine it! Love her all-white style.

➳ This Ted Talk about vocal tone and impressions of leadership is FASCINATING!

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