Saturday, February 7

The Weekend Collection

Happy weekend friends! I have the weekend off so I'm happily enjoying some family time and doing all those boring life errands (that are actually kind of fun) like grocery shopping and organizing the pantry. I'm all of a sudden obsessed with researching herbs and herb lore. Too many late night hours have been lost to google with that one. Ha! What are your weekend plans?

In case you're stuck inside or just don't know what to do, here's some of the best things I found online this week. Enjoy!

Should you go gadget free in the bedroom? (Not a horrible idea.)

➳ 5 Tips For Creative Genius (Including something called "Circadian Scheduling". Chirp Chirp.)

➳ All I want to do now is make my own teas and name them with mystical names.

➳ Loved this essay about the comparison game and wild women.
"She waits patiently because she knows it is how every wild woman has been feeling for a very long time. It has been far too long since we have run free."

➳ On my reading list the minute it comes out: Elizabeth Gilbert's new book!

➳ Dear Universe, I really want to raise chickens some day soon

➳ Death to the thigh gap! (And every not-bow-legged girl rejoices!)

➳ This article about Why Entrepreneurs Hate Their Lives hits the nail on the head.

➳ How do we reconcile our conflicting desires for security and adventure in sex in marriage?

➳ How to fall asleep in 1 minute. (I need to try this one tonight!)

➳ The queen B nails it again in this video about imperfection

➳ And then I binge watched Beyonce's Visual Album series on YouTube because... obviously.

➳ You are your own permission slip. (Amen.)

➳ Loved this essay on how to use jealousy to help you discover who is living your dream

➳ Why Rich people exercise and poor people take diet pills. (That last line breaks my heart because I can so relate. I felt the SAME WAY before I decided to just dive in with my first challenge group. Obviously it worked for me and now I am passionate about helping other people make it work for them!)

➳ Could changing your password change your life? Maybe.

➳ On being a badass women. (Spoiler alert: you don't have to chose between power and love)

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