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What is the 21 Day Fix Extreme + My Results and Review



WHO: Who is the 21 Day Fix Extreme for? Anyone! This program is a more intense version of the original with a slightly stricter nutrition plan (no cheats allowed, no wine, no eating out). This program is based on basic principles of balance and clean eating. It can easily be adapted for people with dietary restrictions like vegetarians, vegans, GF, paleo and primal lifestyles! In fact, I shared all about how I make the 21 Day Fix work for me as a paleo eater here! The workouts are short but intense, just 30 minutes, and utilize a lot of weight lifting to burn calories and build muscle. Because of this, you might not see as quick of a drop on the scale as the original but you might VISIBLY see more changes in your body or in the way your clothes fit. This program is especially awesome for busy people or people who don't love spending hours a day working out. If you are new to fitness, I suggest starting with the original 21 Day Fix and then "graduating" to this one. It will be a great back-to-back plan!

WHAT: The 21 Day Fix Extreme is second program put out by trainer Autumn Calabrese. It builds on the foundations he laid out in the original 21 Day Fix but takes it up to a new level of dedication. The colored container and full guide to the nutrition program is included along with the DVD's with all the workouts. It is available as just the program alone or in a Challenge Pack. The latter is what you need to join my monthly online Challenge Groups where you get free coaching, support, accountability, and help as you go through the program with a group of us together!

WHEN: NOW! The 21 Day Fix Extreme is available. You can GET IT HERE.

WHERE: The 21 Day Fix Extreme is a program you can do it at home saving you time and money and allowing you sooooo much more freedom with your schedule! Fire your gym! Home workout programs ftw! ;) Then you can get plugged in with my challenge group for community and accountability as well as help with meal planning and staying motivated!

WHY: Because you want an easy-to-follow plan that gets results quickly. Because you struggle with nutrition. Because you HATE counting calories and macros. Because going to the gym for hours a day isn't working for you. Because you like a challenge. Because you want to get lean and toned. Because you get bored with long workouts. Because you have some weight to lose. Because you're tired of feeling weak and bloated. Because your body needs it. Because we'll do it together so it will be fun! Because you deserve to feel amazing in your skin!


What Workouts Come With the At Home Program?
➳ Plyo Fix Extreme: An explosive lower-body workout that uses jumping and resistance to torch calories and sculpt muscles.
➳ Upper Fix Extreme: By alternating opposing muscle groups, this no-rest upper-body workout will shred the chest, back, shoulders, and arms.
 Pilates Fix Extreme: Using a resistance band for every exercise, this intense mat workout works the entire body, placing emphasis on the core
➳ Lower Fix Extreme: Glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves will get stronger, leaner, and more defined with 30 minutes of challenging resistance work
➳ Cardio Fix Extreme: Combining weighted cardio moves with traditional metabolic training intervals keeps the heart rate soaring..
➳ Dirty 30 Extreme: Using only seven compound moves focusing on multiple body parts at a time, this workout will burn extra calories while defining muscles. Get down and dirty, and get it done.
➳ Yoga Fix Extreme: A fast-paced flow yoga class, combining strength, balance, flexibility, and power.

How much does it cost?
The best deal on the 21 Day Fix experience is called a CHALLENGE PACK and it is normally $160 but for the month of February 2015 it is $140! You get the full 21 Day Fix Extreme program and nutrition plan + 1 month of Shakeology (normally $130). So basically it's like you are getting the 21 Day Fix program for just $10! This is what you need to buy to join my monthly challenge groups. The challenge group is the key to long term success because it connects you with a community, especially with a program like the 21 Day Fix Extreme where you will likely have lots of questions about meal planning and recipes ideas! You get free coaching from me as you go through the program with a group of other people all doing to together! We talk about nutrition and goals and how to create healthy habits. We encourage each other when we start to stumble and celebrate each other's successes. It's the real deal.

What is the Difference Between the 21 Day Fix and the 21 Day Fix Extreme?
Great question! Both programs are bootcamp-style with 30 minute workouts 7 days a week. Both programs come with the color coded containers, nutrition plan, and Shakeology shaker cup. Both programs are only 21 days long.

The differences are that the original program is appropriate for all fitness levels including beginners. The Extreme is more difficult for beginners and is really better for intermediate level and above. In the original program there is a mix of moves using weights and not using weights. In the extreme most workouts and moves are using weights or a resistance band. As far as the nutrition plan goes, in the original 21 Day Fix you are allowed some cheats like wine and options for eating out. In the 21 Day Fix Extreme, those options have been removed. You eat completely clean for 21 days! There is also an additional "Countdown to Competition" version of the meal plan which is basically paleo and removes sugars and carbs completely from your daily diet for even more dramatic results.

My Review
(coming soon, I'm currently in the process of completing my first round!)

Here are the REAL RESULTS of my own first round of the 21 Day Fix Extreme Program:
(photos updated as I finish!) 


10984109_10103925450357862_1226439575582576722_n Ready? Awesome! Order the 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Pack and shoot me an email and I'll get you all plugged in with our next challenge group!

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