Tuesday, March 10

Are You My Starfish? // How I Found Success as a Beachbody Coach

(If you don't like reading about money then stop now, I'm gonna get really transparent with all of you!)

There's an old story about a little boy walking the beach. The beach was littered with starfish that had been washed up during a storm. Hundreds and hundreds as far as you could see. Worried that the starfish would die if they couldn't make it back into the water, the little boy was walking along the beach, stopping at each one, picking it up, and chucking it back into the sea. An elderly man had been watching the boy for some time, and feeling as if he needed to keep the child's expectations realistic, he finally approached the boy and said, "Son, why are you wasting your time? There are too many that need help. You will never be able to touch them all. What you are spending all your time on will not make a difference." And the little boy looked at the man, leaned forward to pick up another starfish, threw it as hard as he could far into the waves and simply replied, "It mattered to that one."

These types of posts are my attempt to touch every starfish I can! I know that for many of you, you'll read this and shrug it off. That's okay! If it's not for you that's fine. But for those of you who might be suffocating on the beach, needing someone to help you get your feet back in the water, this is for you. And understand that my heart is to help as many of you as humanly possible to realize your dreams and get yourselves un-stuck from your current situations!

A year and a half ago I was a suffocating starfish. 75 pounds heavier, exhausted, a self-employed artist laden with consumer debt and the financial responsibility of a toddler. The weight of the adult world was heavy on me. I felt like we were constantly treading water, never getting ahead. I was happy in my career but frustrated in our financial life. The artist life is stressful sometimes, ya'll. Our seasons ebb and flow and the constant demand for more at a lower price makes it rough as cost of living goes up year after year and customer's expectations of price get lower and lower. I knew we needed something else, I had no idea what that something else was going to be.

Then I met my coach Lindsay Matway​ and it all changed. I caught a vision for a life I didn't think was even possible for me or for us. What started as me just trying to help myself lose some weight and gain some confidence turned into an idea that I could do that and also lift the financial burden from our family a little bit. Once I realized that not only could I do those things, but I could also help other women who might feel frazzled and stuck like me to build businesses that support their passions and their desire to give back to the world and that also can support their families, the doors blew wide open!

I know it's taboo to share about your income and apologies if this offends you but I know that when I was trying to figure out if I wanted to dive in with coaching, seeing posts like these helped me SO MUCH to get a clear idea of what was possible and happening in the lives of the women I knew and looked up to! So I'm sharing with the intentions not of showing off or bragging by any means but to show you what is possible! To give you some of that same vision. To fan the flames that are growing in your heart making you wonder if maybe you could do it too!

I am not so naive as to think that this is for everyone. It's not. This is not a super traditional career path. I know that. But I've never been one for convention. ;)

This is for the dreamers, the dancers, the ones who want more than the status quo, the ones who can catch a vision and run with it, the ones who wake up in the morning with a passion to build a better life and world, the ones who are go-getters and self-starters, the ones who see the world for it's possibilities and who see people as people, not numbers. This is for the change-makers. The liberators. The ones who are willing to share their story. Is this you???

"Nature loves courage. This is how magic is done: by hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering it's a feather bed." -Terrance McKenna

I'm opening up my mentoring this month a little early. Because I want to make sure I have time to really invest in getting each and every person who joins my mentorship started strong with the tools and community to help them grow into incredible success stories as well! If you want to give it your best go, fill out this application and I'll be in touch in the next few days! http://tinyurl.com/teambtfpme

stars And of course:
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