Tuesday, March 3

Many Paths... One Destination


I've had a lot of people ask me about this journey I'm on. The health side of things, that is. They'll reach out to me feeling stuck or frustrated by their current weight loss situation. Maybe they've been busting ass the gym with no results (like I did) or maybe they've been trying every diet known to man but nothing sticks (like I experienced) or maybe they just don't know what to do and feel lost in a sea of options (hello... sometimes it feels like this industry has more options than the sky has stars!).

I get it! It's stressful and frustrating. I was there too! So what I want to talk about today is how it doesn't really matter how you go or what road you take, what matters is that you start going! Because starting is the only thing that is going to get you closer to your goals.

Hear me, my loves. The way that I used, it's just a way. I'm not here to tell you that the only way you can get healthy is by joining my challenge group. Is it ONE WAY that absolutely works? YES. Is it the way that worked for me when nothing else did? YUP. But is it the only way? No.

I would love to have you with me! I know with all my heart and soul and mind and will that this system works. These tools work. They are simple. They are easy to implement in busy lives. They are doable. And the community is the glue that holds it all together. Yes, this is amazing. It is blissful even. Which is why when I started, I couldn't stop and I knew I wanted to become a coach so I could help other people have the same incredible experience that I did!

But the most important thing, is that you just take a step. In some direction. If you can't afford to join our groups or a gym or a yoga studio or whatever then just start walking outside, get moving somehow. So you can't afford all organic, non-GMO foods, start small and start eliminating the overly processed crap. Pick up some produce from your local farmers at your weekend market. Make little changes. When you make little, right, changes consistently over time they add up. Do the best with what you have right now, and then when you have better options, do better. That's all.

So be encouraged. There are lots of paths to the same destination. If you want to join me on mine, I'd love to walk it with you. But the most important factor for your success is not which road you choose, but just that you choose one and start walking. And don't stop till you reach your destination. xo.

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