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My Incredible 21 Day Fix Extreme Results!


I just finished my first round of the brand new program, 21 Day Fix Extreme. I was so excited to commit to this program because I definitely had let up on the reins of my nutrition during the holiday season and was suffering from it this new year! I was without a plan because I had finished my previous program and was waiting (with much anticipation) for this one to come out! So I had put on a few pounds but mostly I was eating poorly, feeling bloated, and my energy was dropping. I was feeling less than confident in my skin and just a little blah. Anyone know the feeling?

So I bought my copy of this new program, which is the sequel to the original 21 Day Fix that I have used many times and LOVED, the day it was released! And I jumped right in on the first of February and have committed 100% to it for the last 21 days! I could tell just 1 week in that this program was going to do incredible things for my body but it wasn't until I took my "after" photos and stats that I was really blown away by the progress I was able to get in just 21 days, doing workouts that were only 30 minutes long and eating tons of food.

How is Extreme Different From the Original?
The workouts are ALL NEW! New moves, lots of plyometric movements and an emphasis on strength building with both free weights (you'll want a set of light and heavy) and a resistance band. These workouts are definitely more challenging than the ones in the original program but in a good way!

The nutrition plan is slightly stricter. No cheats are allowed. No alcohol. (In the original there's a bit of wiggle room.) There's also a 2nd meal plan option that is super strict that takes out sugar and carbs to help you lean out really quickly. It's called the "Countdown To Competition" plan and it's inspired by bikini competition prep! It's incredible. You can choose to stick completely to 1 or the other or to do a hybrid which is what I did!

How Does The Meal Plan Work? 
Just like with the original program you get a set of colored plastic containers (like small tupperware). Each color is associated with a food group (red = protein, green = veggies, etc.). There's a little formula in the nutrition guide that will help you figure out how many servings of each container you will eat in a day (based on your height, weight, and goals). Then you use that to put together your meals! It's super easy. No calorie counting. No macros. You just fill up the container till it's full and that's how much you eat. It's built in portion control. It's so brilliant!

Okay, okay. I won't make you wait any longer because I know you are curious to see what kind of results are possible in just 3 weeks with just 30 minutes of working out a day. Here's my real results! 


I am so happy with my results! So much in fact that I'm jumping right back in on Monday with my March ARROW GIRLS in my challenge group! I'm going for round 2! I can't wait to let this program continue to lean me out and define my muscles! 11.25 inches you guys!!! I lost 3 inches in each thigh! And my thighs are a difficult area for me! I'm so ecstatic!

How does a Challenge Group work?
I lead "challenge groups" online each month for women who want to commit and go through a program like this with an accountability group! They are the key to my own personal success. Read all about it here and apply to join my next one!

Should I do the original 21 Day Fix before 21 Day Fix Extreme?
I think that the programs work well in order! Especially if you are new to fitness. Extreme is an extreme program with a strict meal plan and challenging workouts. Don't let the fact that they are 30 minutes fool you, you'll be dripping in sweat! That being said, I don't want you to think they are too hard to try! You can absolutely do it! If you are currently pretty sedentary and not eating well I'd recommend working your way up by starting with the original and then graduating to Extreme! If you are already active and eat pretty clean then you might be a good fit for jumping right into Extreme. Just email me and let's chat about where you're at and your goals and I'll help you figure out the best order for you!

Let me close with a vote of confidence... no matter where you are at, if you have 100 pounds to lose or 5... you can make a choice that will move you closer to your goals and, more importantly, to feeling better in your skin and being healthier over all! I know you can do it! And if you need some help, I'm here to help you! Go get 'em girl! xo.

Wanna Join Us? Beachbody just extended the sale price on 21DF & 21DFX through this week so you can snatch it up for $20 less than normal! Fill out the form below and I'll get you plugged in asap!

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