Sunday, March 1

The Weekend Collection | Icy Waves, No Bullshit Advice, and Tattooed Ballet

Happy weekend! What did you do yesterday? We had big plans to go to the springs and visit with friends but it's been cold and rainy all weekend so we're stuck inside with cabin fever. 

In case you're stuck inside too, here's some of the best things I saw around the internet this week to keep you entertained! Make sure to take some time to re-fuel your body and soul today before the new week (and new month) starts! Enjoy. xo.
➳ Alexandra Franzen on Keeping The Channel Open. So much love for this!

➳ March's theme is "power up" and I just adore these words of encouragement from Mystic Mama...

"There is great healing and transformation in taking your power back from old emotional wounds and outdated limiting beliefs. The opportunity for personal growth in this area is phenomenal this month."
➳ The new Wes Anderson luggage collection has got me pinning vacations to Europe like whoa!

➳ No more girly fitness bullshit. Finally! Someone said it out loud.

➳ Un-retouched photos of Bey are leaked. Breaking news: She's human.

➳ You can't outsource hard work. Time to roll up those sleeves, friends.

➳ Did you know there's more Air BnB listings in Paris than anywhere else? Let's go!

➳ Jen Sincero weighs in the 6 habits of confident people. Gonna try to implement a few this week!

➳ Ice waves may be the most beautiful thing I've never seen.

Photo © Jonathan Nimerfroh

➳ Fermented food, local farms, and hand-washing your dishes... could these things curb allergies?

In case you forgot what women look like. Here's a historical crash course in female body image.

➳ Whoa! Look what they found inside this Buddha statue!

➳ Does anyone else thing the last "light tornado" image looks like two people hugging?.

➳  My brilliant blogger friend Kathleen on if you should name your business with your name.

➳ This collaboration between David LaChapelle and Sergi Polunin is the prettiest thing you'll see all week!

➳  No bullshit biz advice from some badass babes (collected by Gala!)

➳  These juices have the most incredible branding. Healthy never looked so good.

➳  I'm digging this FREE blue Hustle wallpaper download.

Top image: Spiritual Gangster
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