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Why Beachbody Coaching is the Holy Grail for Self Employed Artists


Okay, I know it's not a very sexy title. But I wanted to get right to the point. I've been wanting to write this post for a while and figured it was time. I'm writing from the aisle seat of a flight across the country. If not now, then when? Ha!

I've been an artistpreneur for as long as I can remember... at least for my entire adult working life. I've been a paid digital artist, photography assistant, blogger, photographer, and business mentor. I've never worked at a job where I was given benefits, I've never gotten a pay check every week like "normal" people do. And while most people look at the life of a self employed creative and think, "That looks like a dream come true!" (and sure it looks like a dream come true) there are some realities that not many people talk about because they aren't very sexy.

Artistpreneurs deal with mega ebbs and flows in income. Busy season, slow season. An industry with a practically invisible barrier to entry means your neighbor's kid can put up a website and be a photographer as far as a google search is concerned and undercut your prices. Clients can have unreasonable expectations and deadlines and forget that you are a human being with a family and feelings too. When you are an artist your pay is based on you physically being there to make the art. You can hardly leverage your income or create anything residual. I don't know about you but that stressed me out to the max after we had our son! While the artistpreneur lifestyle might look luxurious on instagram, odds are your artistpreneur friends are putting in no less than 80 hour work weeks and barely making minimum wage when you do the math. Think about trying to get a mortgage or pay for kids and 401K's and college funds and it's enough to make you want to hide under your pillow all day!

Wow, what a downer blog post huh? Are you depressed about your life yet? HAHA! Don't be. Being self employed is an amazing thing. Stressful? Yes. Incredible to be building your dreams? Hells yeah.

So let's talk about why coaching is the holy grail for artistpreneurs! And let me stop for a second and say I'm specifically talking about coaching with Beachbody. You guys, my world has TRANSFORMED since I started coaching with Beachbody. Network marketing has been the biggest blessing to my family! I know you might hear the term "network marketing" and have a gut reaction that is negative. So many people think network marketing is a scam. A quick google search and you'll find pages of blog articles that savor strongly of bitterness from people who were either taken advantage of or who just weren't cut out for it. But I challenge you to open your heart and mind for a minute and consider that there might be good and bad network marketers out there (just like there's a few bad seeds that ruin it for everyone in every industry) and that as a self employed creative you are already leading a non-traditional career life, why not investigate another one? Hear me out on this, I'm trying to help you find a light at the end of your tunnel like I did!

Less time stressed out- more time for gratitude, yoga, coffee, but let's be honest when you're a mom there's no napping! Ha!


As a coach, you can build residual income. Your income is based on the success of the people you work with. So your job is to help other people be successful. I'm on an airplane flying across the country. I'll be taking 4 days off and my business as a coach will be going on in the background. I'll still get paid this week just as much as I would at home. Next week I'll be in Cancun on a trip Beachbody is paying for. And I'll still get paid the same as if I was at home. Because my income is not solely dependent on my PHYSICALLY being somewhere working like it is in my job as an artist. Can I tell you the incredible freedom that is?!

As a self-employed creative, you are starting at an advantage over everyone else! Why? Because you've already proven that you've got moxie! You know how to launch a business online. You know how to use social media to get the word out, to share your story, to connect. And odds are, you know how to make stuff that looks beautiful because you're a talented creative! Think of the advantage you have over all the people who have only ever worked in offices filing paperwork and don't know what Instagram is! You're ahead of the curve already! And you can put your creative talents to work to help you stand out from the rest.

For once in life, everything is given to you freely. As a creative, likely you're plugged into a creative community. And likely everyone talks about how open and helpful everyone else is. But in reality, everyone is really only looking out for themselves. And they are only going to share with you bits and pieces of advice and tools that they've found that have helped them. Because they want to help you, but not that much. Ha! In Beachbody, one person's success is linked to the others. It's a rising water lifts all ships sort of situation. I give 100% of my tools, ideas, help away to the coaches on my team. I want them to be successful as much as possible! And if I have something that will help them do that I'm happy to give it to them. Their success does not draw away my own. Joining this community of open giving and help was one of the most shockingly wonderful things I've ever experienced!

If you are a self employed artist, most likely you are so busy that your own wellness comes last. You are probably chained to a desk or computer most the day working. You probably don't eat regular meals that are healthy. You probably work long and hard hours on location. You probably don't spend a lot of time pouring back into yourself to fill your well. Well, as a coach a huge part of your job is to work on yourself and your own wellness! It's the best thing ever to have a job where you get paid to constantly be spending time on yourself! Healthy food, personal development, positivity at every turn. It's a 180 from most artist's lifestyles.

You can be a coach from anywhere. You can fit it into your life as it is now. And you can build it ALONGSIDE your artistic dreams if you want to. You can create steady income for yourself to relieve some of the pressure from your art. You can build an income that supports you in your slow seasons. You can supplement your income so you can take less meh projects and more that make you come alive creatively! It's the holy grail! Steady income and dream projects at the same time. How many of us dream of this but get so bogged down with work just to pay the bills that we never have time to pursue those creative projects that make our hearts ache with excitement? I know it was happening to me before this!

My physical transformation is only a tiny piece of the story though. My mental and soul transformations might not be as easy to see in a photo but they are just as dramatic! And our family's financial transformation has been mind blowing! No more debt. No more stress during our slow season! I don't know about you, but that peace of mind for our family is worth more to me than gold!
stars So could this be for you? Maybe! I hope so! Because I'm looking to add more creative entrepreneurs to my team! I want to help you build something that gives you the freedom to pursue your creative dreams!!!! If you've been watching me and wondering if you could do this, I want to let you pick my brain about my experience. I'm an open book. Ask me anything from how I make it work while still being artist to how I built a 6 figure income from coaching in less than 2 years. Could you flop at this? Maybe. But I'm betting that you've got what it takes since you were already brave enough to step out in faith that you could make your art a success!

I want you to feel the pressure lift like I have, to feel better about yourself and to feel more vibrant from the inside out. I want you to have the space (both in your mind and in your finances) to take on the creative projects you really want to! I want you be able to pay off your debt and have money in savings and to invest back into yourself! If I can help 1 other artist who felt as stuck as I did to get unstuck then I'll feel successful with this post! Let's connect and chat about if this might be the right next move for you! Ready to find out more? Fill out this quick application to join my next mentorship group and learn from me exactly how I did it and how you can do it too!

And if you are inspired by my physical transformation (not so much the coaching thing) and just want to talk to me about helping you achieve some health and weight loss goals and get plugged in with my accountability groups, just fill out this quick application and I'll send you all the info you need! xo.


I hate to add this to make legal happy: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches' actual incomes." In addition, please provide prospective and current Coaches with the link to the Statement of Independent Coach Earnings,
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