Sunday, May 10

On The Pursuit of Self Improvement...

I think a lot of people think that caring about their bodies, the shape of their bodies, what they put in their bodies, is vanity. So they push it away and tell themselves they are better for not caring all while they slowly die inside (both emotionally and physically). 
I'm learning something. 

I thought you might find it interesting...

The more I focus on improving my outward body, the more I am forced to consider and work on my inward self. Because all our actions (and non actions) come from some motivation within. The strength to push harder, to sacrifice, to stumble and get back up... That is not rooted in vanity but in a depth of human strength. Diving into my own fitness journey has helped me to transform as much, if not more, on the inside as it has on the outside. Which is how it should be. Lifestyle bubbles over from beliefs within. I want you to feel soft light bubble over from me. A safe place where you are welcome to share your story. A quiet strength to inspire you to do what you need to do today. 

I want to be your resurrection friend. The one who sees what you can be when you let go and let die all those limiting belief you cling to. The phoenix to your ashes. So you can see that caring about your wellness is more than caring about your reflection. Instead it is caring about what you can be and do and give to this world. Who are you to hide your most alive possibilities from the world? 

If you are too afraid to do it for you, do it for them. The world needs you. Alive. Vibrant. Your best self. Don't be afraid to shine. xo
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