Sunday, May 10

Let's Celebrate The Spirit of Motherhood

Here's to them all!
The ones that grew babies,
adopted babies, cared for babies, fostered babies.
The ones who loved babies and lost babies.

The ones who are mothers in their hearts as they wait for babies.
The ones who mother their friends and families and say, "text me when you get home!" and wait up till their phones chime melodies of safekeeping.

The ones who work tirelessly on behalf of the motherless.
The ones who advocate for the children.
The ones who make hard decisions and love till it aches and give everything they have to another soul.

The warrior women. The mama bears. The nurturers. The she-wolves.
The gentle souls. The sweet sense of HOME made tangible.

This weekend is about celebrating the spirit of motherhood in all it's manifestations!
Love and celebration to the ladies out there!
You fiery, passionate, sensitive, beautiful creatures, you!
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