Saturday, May 30

My June Wellness Plan...

JUNE Can you believe that we are knocking on June's door already? Where is this year going?! I'm not going to lie, I'm so excited because my summer and fall are sooooo full of fun stuff that I'm excited for them to get here already!

Since I get asked a lot about what I'm doing for my own fitness now I figured that I'd start sharing with you all each month what I'm committing to alongside my challengers for that upcoming month. That way you can peek into my journey more and even join in with me if you want!

For June, I've decided to go back to my Piyo roots! I have been doing 21 Day Fix Extreme since it launched earlier this year and I love it but I'm feeling the urge to switch it up and go for a lower impact workout so I'm recommitting to Piyo for the month of June! I'm super excited because I love Piyo and the last time I committed to it I saw INCREDIBLE changes in my muscle tone!

my results from my last round of Piyo

To go along with it, I'll be following the portion controlled nutrition plan from the 21 Day Fix and I'll be eating strictly paleo. I feel the best when I follow that plan and I've been a bit lax with it recently and am feeling a little more sluggish than normal because of it. So I'm excited to get back on track with my nutrition. I'll be sharing about my meals daily via my instagram if you want to follow along!

The 21 Day Fix's portion controlled meal plan is my favorite and was a GAME-CHANGER for me when I first incorporated it into my lifestyle! You use simple colored containers (like color-coded tupperware) to portion control your food. It also helps you eat in the right balance between your food groups which was a big lesson for me because I thought I ate really healthfully before but I realized I was eating way too much of a few food groups and not nearly enough of others (cough, veggies, cough). You can actually now order just the portion controlled nutrition plan and containers (outside of getting the whole 21 Day Fix program) so you can incorporate them into your life or use them alongside another workout program which is so cool. I pretty much just live by them now.

these meals were made using the portion fix plan! 

Lastly, I'll be committed to drinking Shakeology every day! That's really the easy part because it's my favorite treat but I figured I'd include it because it's an important part of my results since it helps me fight cravings, fulfills my sweet tooth, and keeps me full and fueled since it's full of all my vitamins and minerals (and more) for the day. 

So without delay (and with a little bit of embarrassment) here's my new "before" photo. I'm feeling good but not as strong and lean as normal since I've not been super dialed in with my nutrition. I set a goal for myself that this summer I'd be in the best shape of my life and them BOOM the summer snuck up on me! So it's time to buckle down and make it happen! 


If you want to join me in June you can commit to a program like Piyo and Shakeology and join my online accountability challenge group by applying here! I'll get back to you with all the registration information you need to jump in! And if you're interested in ordering just the portion controlled part of the program, email me and I'll hook you up and get you plugged into our free wellness community where you can talk about your fitness journey and wellness with other people who are on a similar road! xo. 
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