Monday, May 4

Oh The Places You'll Go...

It has nice symmetry really. And anyone that has been waiting to eat dinner till I get that perfect shot of my plate, adjusting the fork and napkin and cup and whatever else happens to be unfortunately placed haphazardly in my frame until it's juusssssst right knows that I love some good symmetry.

So when I opened the door to my yoga room (oh gosh you guys, we are so behind. I have a yoga room in our house now! I can't wait to give you a proper tour soon! It's so zen.) and saw a duffle bag in the middle of the floor I squealed with delight. I knew what it was before I even unzipped the bag!

Last year for Mother's Day my husband got me my first paddleboard. My baby. My beloved. (The board, not my husband.  Kidding! Not really.)  My Boga Yoga board that helped me rediscover my love for Florida and sunshine and water and bikinis. I have spent the last year adventuring around the Central Florida waterways on it falling in love with everything about it. EXCEPT....

That my Boga board is B I G. 11 feet long and solid like a rock. I can drive it to and fro but take it with us on an airplane? Not gonna happen. I have been dying to be able to paddleboard when we travel but there was just no way to make it happen with my big Boga. At least, no way were were willing or capable to take on.

So when I saw the duffle bag I knew. He got me another board for this year's Mother's Day! OH THE SYMMETRY! My heart. But this time a slightly smaller board (just over 9.5 feet) and inflatable. I know what you're thinking, "How on earth is an inflatable paddleboard a thing? Isn't it like standing on a pool raft?" NOPE! This baby is legit. When it's fully inflated it feels just as solid as a hard board. And while it's not as stable as my Boga since it's smaller all around, I was able to take it out for an inaugural ride and get through a few sun salutations and head stands without falling in the water.

(Which was great since there were two waterfront restaurants worth of diners watching me try out my board and that would have been so embarrassing.)

I can't wait to take both boards on our vacation next week to the northeast coast of Florida. And then who knows where my inflatable board will go with me! I've got visions of touring around in an Icelandic spring, in Glacier National Park, in Lake Powell surrounded by plateaus so high they look like they touch heaven. Maybe I'll take it on the cruise next year and paddle around Jamaica. Maybe it will come with me to California this fall? Oh the places we can go!

Where would you go if you could pack up and head to any body of water you wanted? 

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