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Project Downsize | Clear The Desktop

getorganized_beckarobinson Not sure if you saw my last blog post, inspired by the bright, clean, airy beach house we staying in for our staycation, but I came home INSPIRED to clean things up! To downsize. To simplify and brighten. I'm not going to lie, it's been hard for me to not just go into full project mode and tear our entire house apart. I'm forcing myself to not be impulsive and to take it 1 step at a time. First things first, getting back to the organization systems I already have at my disposal like my incredible daily planner. And purchasing this book that literally every person I've talked to about this topic has recommended to me. (That photo of the book is from my friend Metal and Honey, my copy isn't actually here yet. COME ON AMAZON!)

I've got some BIG plans for this project (of course) and as I've been starting I'm realizing this is going to take way more time than I originally though.

Here's what's on my project list so far... 
➳ Go though all our clothes and donate everything that doesn't fit/that we haven't work in 6+ months
➳ Go through our son's clothes and donate everything he's grown out of (saving a few special pieces)
➳ Undertake a Great Toy Purge and donate everything he's outgrown or lost interest in
➳ Throw away all the toys that are broken or have too many missing pieces to use
➳ Clear out all the shelves in our various bookshelves and donate books/trinkets that are just collecting dust
➳ Clear out our pantry and donate all the non-perishables that we don't eat or don't want
➳ Clean out all our cupboards and donate all the kitchen goods we don't use/don't need
➳ Clean out the garage. Enough said.
➳ Clean out the shed. (This one is terrifying because I'm fairly sure a mouse family lives in there)
➳ Sell the furniture and decorations we no longer enjoy and replace them.
➳ Repaint the living room and den in brighter, fresh colors. Add mirrors to bounce light around.
➳ Clear my computer desktop

AHHHHHH! See what I'm saying? This project is supposed to usher in less stress but thinking about it has me a bit overwhelmed. I want to just take like 4 days and lock myself in the house and get it all done. But that's not real life. So we are starting small. We've begun sorting through the clothes and toys but that is going to take some time. To keep my sanity I'm working my way UP starting with the smalled projects moving up to the biggest. The "snowball" method (like what Dave Ramsey is always talking about!) if you will.

But in the spirit of starting small, here's what I've done so far in PROJECT DOWNSIZE...
➳ Picked up all the toys (and pieces of toys) throughout the house
➳ Had our house cleaned from top to bottom (can't tell you how much clean floors help!)
➳ Set out to clear up the desktop of my laptop!

I am a creative, so I tend to sacrifice organization or neatness for the sake of inspiration. Here is what my desktop frequently looks like. This mess is from putting together a few training calls and keynote presentations as well as working on some recognition graphics for my team and taking screenshots of things to track receipts and stuff but then never organizing them....


This is not a calm work environment. And my desktop is my work environment! It is where I run my entire 6 figure business from! It's my legit office. I realized I really NEED to keep the desktop, the first thing that greats my eyes when I start my work hours, clear and clean.

CLEAR THE DESKTOP || Total project time: 10 minutes
To start, I deleted all the bits and pieces of graphics I had finished using. Then, any important ones that I wanted to keep, I renamed and put them in their respective folders. Then I consolidated the folders and moved ones that I don't need to have immediate access to, to other places where they are safe and organized but visually out of the way. Organizational folders went in the upper left, out of the way of my eyes but where I have easy access to drag and drop things into them. Then I updated the names of my "work" folders and put them all in the lower right where I can see them quickly and access them easily. BOOM! I feel better now, do you? ;)


Try it yourself and see if it makes you feel better too! Baby steps right? If you're joining me in Project Downsize let me know in the comments below! I'd love to follow your progress too! xo.
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