Sunday, May 24

Project Downsize | Closet Cleanout


So I'll be honest. The "before" photos I took of our, uh, situation with clutter are more embarrassing to me than my before photos from my weight loss journey. But, just like with my weight loss journey, I've decided to share them just to inspire and show you that we are all a bit out of sorts sometimes, and we can make choices to get back on track and move closer to those goals ever day!

So here's our spare room as it was 3 days ago. I know. I knnooooowwwwww. It's the weirdest room that we aren't quite sure what to do with (any interior designers out there have suggestions?) because it's only got walls on two sides and it has to have enough space to walk through to get to all the bedrooms on that side of the house. So it has turned into a catch all/play room. I'm not a huge fan, but whatever. Mid century architecture design baffles me. Anyway...

Inspired by the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying UpI decided to tackle our clothes situation as my 2nd task in Project Downsize. In the book, the author suggests tidying up by genre instead of by room. I'm not sure why I've never thought of that before but it's so genius, right? How many times have I tried to clean up a room only to get so flustered by all the various types of things in it (books, clothes, toys, papers... ahh) that I can't make any progress since progress would require me to go get all the other books, clothes, toys, papers, etc. to be able to organize everything enough to clean up.

So I chose clothes. It was an easy choice since they were mostly all piled up on our spare sofa from a recent laundry surge. I, quite literally, dumped all the laundry onto the floor (we cleaned it first, don't panic) and then filled up garbage bag after garbage bag with clothes that were faded, torn, old, too big, or outgrown. Then I went into our son's room and emptied every dresser drawer and the entire closet. Then I went into our master bedroom and emptied out every drawer and the closet (shoes included!)

It definitely looked worse before it looked better. There was a moment when I was standing in a 6 inch square of clear floor surveying the mountains of clothes, towels, sheets, shoes, and random accessories and questioning my belief that this was a wise move. But as soon as I started and realized that our "donate" pile was quickly stacking up to be bigger than our "keep" I felt a weight lift!


As you can we ended up with an entire CAR FULL of stuff for the donation center. It feels like a great start! Already our closets and dressers are nicely organized and pared down. We loaded up the whole car to take to the nearest donation center. I'm happy to pass these things on. Hopefully they bring someone else some joy and comfort! Next up.... baby toy purge! Send reinforcements!



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