Saturday, May 23

The One Where I Got My Financial Planner To Break Character...


We were sitting across a coffee table from each other. The last time we met like this was over a year ago and our financial situation was completely different. In fact, I don't think I even mentioned my coaching to him because I was still new and a bit hesitant about how people would respond to me over it. In my mind, to be honest, I thought he'd write it off and take me less seriously. How silly.

He shuffled the papers in his little folio and thanked us for the coffee. He said something about wanting to talk about how we've done with our goals we set last year and-

My husband interrupted him.

"Yeah. About that... so we set up this meeting because, well, things have pretty dramatically changed since we last met. And we wanted to talk to you about it and update our plans..."

Stoic. I sat frozen, not sure how to act. Actually that's probably not true. I'm sure some part of me was fidgeting. It's a nervous habit. Totally still, except one small part moving distinctively. Twirling my rings. Spinning my ankles. Bouncing my foot. It's like all the nervous energy I'm feeling inside is pushed down and forced out from one small opening. A crack in the ice. It gives me away.

I never am sure how to act outwardly when talking about money, in all honestly. Or when someone else is talking about my success. But inwardly? Neither bother me at all. In fact, I love talking about them both! Inside my own head, I was poised with knowing anticipation for his response when my husband shared where we are at now, because of Beachbody.

His eyes snapped up at me, across the coffee table which now felt like an ocean. His face... Priceless. It was only there for a second. My husband later told me that he saw it too. A flickr of... what was it?

Astonishment. Reverence. Surprise. Awe.

Then it was gone. Replaced with professionalism. His break of character over. But I could still hear it in his voice when he said, "Wow. Congratulations."

I smiled and nodded my head. I am proud. My in person reactions might not really show it. What else can I do? Dance around in circles and shout "IN YO FACE!" to everyone who encounters my situation? Not so much. Yes I knew this could work. Into my bones I knew it. And I knew I'd prove it to everyone who in their minds was thinking, "oh isn't that cute" when I told them I was taking this to the top. But also I'm in such uncharted territory for myself. I'm way too much of an introvert to be cocky face to face with a stranger. With you internet, I can be as brazen as I like. Because I'm over here behind a screen. In person, I'm much quieter. So an uncomfortable smile and nod was all I managed in return.

He went on to talk about how this changes things- he wants to set up another meeting in a week where he can present us with new options for the upcoming year. His voice started to rise, his rhythm sped up. He was excited. I got excited! Options? We've never really had options. Our options before were to survive, and maybe save a little. And maybe not accumulate more debt. Mediocre at best. But not anymore.

I wanted to remember this moment. This first real, tangible sense of opportunity unfolding. The feeling when he looked at me with awe and I saw my husband look between us both with "hell yeah" pride. All of this because I decided to change my life from the inside out and help others do the same. I'll never be able to fully express in words what this business means to me. I think it's the holy grail. Hopefully these little memory snapshots will help me paint a picture. For you and for myself, for my own remembering. It's just the beginning...  xo. 
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