Tuesday, June 23

MAKE // Beat The Heat With a Minty Superfood Treat!

Hey there boss babes! It is blazing hot outside, but I know you aren't cooling off with your goals! If you're anything like me, you've been craving lots of iced drinks, smoothies, popsicles and other icy treats to stay cool while the weather heats up outside! I'm a recovering ice cream addict so I have to keep an arsenal of inspiring ideas in my pocket to keep me from going for a pint of mint chocolate chip and this little bad boy is getting me through these blazing summer months. Bonus points since its full of protein, vitamins, superfoods, adaptagens, and probiotics to actually fuel me with good stuff. I also hid some avocado in here. You could toss a few fresh spinach leaves in if you're feeling like an over-achiever today and I bet you won't even be able to taste em! ;)

Also, I'll be honest. I didn't think I'd like a smoothie made with avocado and mint but oh my gosh you guys it tastes like mint chip ice cream. Try it and let me know what you think!

For the smoothie:
➳ 1 c. vanilla cashew milk
➳ 1 c. water
➳ 1/4 ripe Haas avocado
➳ 1 scoop vanilla (or vegan chocolate) shakeology
➳ 8-10 ice cubes (depending on how thick you like it!)
➳ 2 drops pure peppermint extract

For the chocolate syrup garnish
➳ 1 tsp. coconut oil, melted
➳ 1 tsp. coconut butter, melted
➳ 1 tsp. cocoa powder

How to: 
1.  In a small bowl, mix the melted coconut oil, coconut butter, and cocoa powder until syrupy
2. Drizzle the chocolate syrup into a glass then place in the freezer for a few minutes
3. Combine all the smoothie ingredients in a high powered blender until completely combined
4. Pour into the cup and garnish! Enjoy immediately!
5. You could also pour this into popsicle molds for later!!!!

(If you wanna try Shakeology for yourself, you can actually get the entire 21 Day Fix for just $10 more when you buy them together as a pack this month. Email me and I'll hook you up!) 

Go get 'em babes!
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