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Leave Some Room For The Unimaginable | How You Can Join Our Coaching Tribe

Sometimes it's in the most unexpected places that we stumble upon the answers we didn't even realize we were looking for.

In fall of 2013 I was miserable. I was a frazzled artist. Stretched thin between multiple jobs as well as adjusting to being a mom. 70 pounds overweight and struggling with anxiety and depression. Bleak, right? I was living a life most people would think was idillic... I worked for myself, I got to create art, I got to travel. But the other side of that coin is a life of financial pressure, being on the clock around the clock, and a lifestyle that revolved around sitting and eating erratic meals (mostly on the go).

As a hail mary last resort I signed up to try an online fitness challenge group for people doing a program called T25. I researched the company that made the workouts (Beachbody) and discovered an option for earning come commissions back called coaching. Me, being the compulsive over achiever I am, went on a google fest looking up everything I could about the company which is how I found my coach Lindsay who offered to mentor me and teach me how I could earn extra income sharing the experience and results I was having as a coach.

I was already stretched thin, but I caught a tiny bit of a vision for what this could be in my life. If nothing else, I hoped I could make back the money I spent on my own program and Shakeology and maybe enough to be able to support my weight loss goals. Two weeks into it, I was hooked!

By sharing my own journey publicly, I forced myself to stay accountable to it. It was the perfect way to keep me plugged in. Not only that but through my challenge groups and training groups for our team, I got plugged into one of the biggest blessings of my life- the coaching community!

I never realized how much I missed sisterhood. That feeling of connection, support, and striving for common goals together till I got a taste of it again. I played competitive sports in high school and I loved that sense of spirit and togetherness and pushing hard and being there for each other, and the sweet taste of victory... I found it all again in the coaching community. Never have I been a part of a group of people more positive, more uplifting, more encouraging, more close knit.

The support and my transparency with my own journey helped me to find some success and traction early on as a coach. Being publicly recognized didn't hurt either. Seeing my mentor celebrate my small victories made me feel proud, like I was finally moving in a direction I could get results in. Like all my efforts were worthwhile!


Day by day I was feeling better, getting healthier, feeling more connected, and starting to see a small income build! The feelings of accomplishment were amazing! Was it easy? Not always. It's not easy to eat healthy, do a workout, and make time for a brand new commitment in an already busy life. But I knew that if I could just stick with it, build consistency and good habits, I could make some incredible changes in my life!

My mentor encouraged me to start reading personal development. Books that would help me to grow as a person. So I did! And I watched myself transform as I started to take control of my own limitations and grow in the areas I was weaker in. As I did that, I saw myself be able to pour more out into others and inspire and encourage them. At this point, I was paying forward my own incredible experience by running monthly online challenge groups where other people like me could commit to a program and nutrition and find daily accountability and support to help them stick it out. And watching the women in my groups see progress where they had never seen progress before, and gain confidence, and find their grooves and their voices again... it made my spirit sing! I knew I'd found my passion!

At around my one year mark as a coach, I was able to celebrate some pretty big victories like reaching my weight loss goal of 70 pounds. And also reaching a big financial goal of paying off all our credit card debt!



I found a sisterhood of support and starting attracting more and more women that wanted the same thing. In the last 20 months my team has gone from obscurity to being ranked in the top 30 teams in all of Beachbody (that's out of 300,000!). And I've built some of the closest and dearest friendships with the women on my team. Now I get to help others experience the same joys and victories that I have, and to get plugged into the same incredibly uplifting community of support.


I have committed myself and my life to helping other women get in control of their health and to every coach who joins my team, I'm committed to helping them build a business that fits their lives, their goals, and their dreams and that helps them to live a life by design, full of connection and positivity, and goals achieved. Our team is called TeamBTFP which stands for the Better Together Fitness Project. Because we believe we are stronger together than we are on our own. We support each other every step of the way! Our team is full of all kinds of people. From stay at home moms, to young professionals, to yoga-loving bohemians, to fitness trainers, to artists! Anyone can be a coach. All it takes is a desire to become the best version of yourself that you can be, and to inspire others to do the same!

You can be a super successful coach with a minimum time investment of about an hour a day if you are willing to give it all you've got. Freedom is living life on your terms, with your definition of success. No matter what that is for you, I want to give you the tools to achieve it!


Each month I run a sneak peek into what it is that I do. It's a private, no obligation, behind-the-scenes where I get real candid with you and answer your burning questions. The point of it is to help you discover if coaching is a good fit for you and if you could rock at it. But I'm happy to chat with you and answer your questions about it anytime! So reach out to me and let's see if this is the next right step for you! You already know how I got started, but I'll also share about what coaching is and what it isn't, how to use your story to impact others, how to grow a network, how to get started, and how to earn an income from home.


Once you join my team, you are joining one of the fastest rising teams in the company. So you know we've got your back! You'll be instantly plugged into our incredible private team page where you can ask questions, and get access to all kinds of tools to help you succeed as a coach. I'll also give you the option to join my apprenticeship program and my New Coach Mentorship which is a 2 week long self-paced training that will get you started strong!

For me, it all started with that ONE choice. That choice to try to change my life for the better. Because it was harder to think about staying in the same unhappy place than it was to do the work to change. Now that one decision has taken me down a path where I get to go on incredible all expense paid trips, where I get paid to work on my own health and fitness and help other do the same, where I have met some of my most dear friends, where I have a constant community of positivity and support whenever I need or want it, where we've been able to create financial freedom for our family in the form of a 6 figure income, all from sharing my journey from the comfort of home. You can absolutely do it too. It's not out of your reach. The only thing holding you back are your own limiting beliefs about yourself! Banish them, be brave, and take a step to change your life for the better!

We are better together!

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