Wednesday, June 3


I'll be honest. My ooph for this project has taken a hit. Mostly because I feel like everything depends on everything else and I can't move forward. For example... I can't clear out the bookshelves and mail and paper items till the closet is cleaned so I have a place to keep the stuff we are keeping. And I can't clean the closet till... etc etc. So I'm a bit stuck with half our house in disarray feeling like I'm not sure which step to take next. But we are trudging on. Because it feels so good to clear out the crap!

The latest section that we completed was one of the MOST DAUNTING on my list: kids stuff. We always told ourselves we wouldn't be those people who had kids stuff taking over every room of their house so that it didn't even look like grown ups lived there anymore. And then we totally did exactly that. Mostly just out of laziness on our part, not paring down our son's stuff as he outgrew it. His room was full of toys, our living room was full of toys, the garage is full of toys, our "play room" was full of toys. It was a big mess.



I used the tips from the book, The Lifechaning Power of Tidying Up to tackle this beast of a situation and took ALL HIS TOYS and dumped them out on the floor of our play room. Then I got to sorting. I had a big box for everything that would be donated and a few bags for things that needed to get trashed. Then I brought out all our spare storage bins and I separated all the toys into genres as I went. This was sooooo helpful because it made it easy to find missing pieces and their partners. After everything was sorted and paired down we actually made the decision to take the playroom back and make it a formal dining room. So everything had to fit into our son's room. No more toys in every room of the house! (VICTORY DANCE!)

We finally got rid of the changing table in our son's room and re-arranged a few pieces of furniture. We took an old ikea bookcase from our living room and turned it on its side and put it underneath our son's lofted bed for an entire nook of toy storage. His train table also went in the room and we stored about three more bins of train and automobile toys under that. Everything has a place and everything we kept are things that he can still play with and that are age appropriate.

Take a look at this AFTER transformation you guys, it's so crazy! (Also, I'd like to add that I am fully aware that his room is not perfectly styled or Pinterest ready. I was really into that when he was a baby but then I realized that he's a kid and his room doesn't have to constantly look like I ripped it from a magazine, it just needs to be fun for him. So here it is in all it's kid-loving glory!)


And the real test? Does he like it? Is he upset that all his toys are consolidated? Did he freak out about us giving a bunch away? YES. To all those questions. HAHA. But he's a kid. And we're the parents. So luckily judgement calls defer to us. He doesn't love that he can't leave his toys all over the house or in the living room and that each night we make him put everything back in its place. Our lax attitudes about it before definitely allowed some not-so-great habits to form for our son but we are working now on consistency in teaching him how to take care of his things.

He freaked out when he saw we were boxing up some of his old toys so we actually had to take a break and wait till he was out of the house to finish that up. He's a little bit too young to understand why he can't keep them all and why we were taking them away.

Lastly, he ADORES his bedroom now. For the last year he mostly played outside of it (because all his toys were everywhere EXCEPT his bedroom) and other than the fact that we have to go in there and keep telling him to stop playing and go to sleep, this situation has workout out perfectly. He discovered all kinds of toys he forgot he had and has been having fun finding things in all the cubbies each day. He even told us, "Thank you for my new play room, Mama and Dada!" as he jumped up and down on the bed surrounded by dinosaur figurines. So I'd say this was win/win!


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