Monday, June 8


Okay, so I'm about halfway through the book that inspired it all, "The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up" and I realize I'm kind of going out of order in our house a bit from what she recommends. But I felt inspired to tackle the master bathroom in our house (which, is the tiniest and least master-ish bathroom of all time, but we rent, so whatever) because it was making me feel overwhelmed every single day. If there's one thing that I can say is so spot on in the book, it is the principle that a tidy and kept household will put your mind at ease.

The bathroom connected to the master bedroom is teensy. And has practically no storage. So you can imagine two grown ups with lots of grooming products (I have a lot of hair on my head. He has a lot of hair on his face) sharing this space is a recipe for a cluttery disaster. And you'd be right. But the big problem is that we just stuff stuff everywhere and leave it. I'm still not exactly sure why. And then there's no place to put things that actually matters to us or that we need to access daily. This is something the book talks a lot about and I am realizing I am so horribly guilty of. I mean, why was I keeping the instructions to my half used up self tanner lotion? Why is there nail polish from college still in my life? What is wrong with me that I don't just throw stuff away?!

Here's a before and after of the right side wall of the bathroom. Clutter. Mess. Dust. Ew. Then... muuucccchhhhh better.


I filled up an entire industrial sized garbage bag from this tiny room. Can you even believe that? Stuff was stashed all over the place. Something that struck me from the book was the author joking (and not really joking) that storage experts are hoarders. And I was just laughing to myself the whole time because I love me some storage containers! I have lots here in this bathroom and were they helping to make my life un-cluttered? No! They were just aiding the mess!

So how did I go about the bathroom cleanup? I used the primary principle from the book which is to sort by genre. To pile everything in one place and physically touch each item and decide if it adds joy to my life. Be brutal. And trash everything that the answer was no.

Bathrooms, I feel, are an easy purge. There's not a ton of sentimental stuff in there. More than anything I just found that I was holding on to stuff for the sake of it. Half used bottles of lotion, hair serum, old makeup colors I haven't worn in the better part of a decade, an entire vase full of nail polish colors I don't particularly like anymore (purple glitter? eh.) and lots of samples and doo dads I don't actually need or use. PURGE. PURGE. PURGE.

And we're left with this....


I took the organizer and moved it to the wall opposite the toilet. I know what you're thinking... cleaning this room up is kind of like polishing a turd. I hear ya. But there's only so much I can do since I'm a renter and this room is the size of a small closet. I'm also not willing to be breaking the bank for this room. So I limited myself to working with what I already had. But I'm pretty happy with the result! It's so much brighter in there. The air feels cleaner, crisper. I feel relaxed as I'm getting ready instead of overwhelmed. I found a few things I forgot about that made me happy (Joy! Keep.) I did keep all my organizing boxes even though I know I will have to fight the temptation to fill them with junk. Honestly though, we need them since there is ZERO storage built into this space. The way it's divided now is that my husband and I both have a little bin for our daily getting ready items like beard balm, makeup, combs, face lotions, etc. Fancier bottles of fun stuff are up on the vintage silver dish. Just to make them easy to grab and also because they are pretty to look at. Toilet paper is stacked up below the frame of this photo so that it both looks pretty and is handy since our toddler also uses this bathroom daily. The medicine cabinet is now cleaned out and holds only the stuff we use on the regular. Under the sink holds our travel toiletry bags, my husband's dopp kit, and things we use less frequently like hair tools and nail stuff.

What do you think? Could you tackle your bathroom? I dare you to try! It will make you feel amazing! Shed the weight of all that stuff. You don't really need it. And you'll feel your mind feel lighter too! xo.


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