Friday, July 24

A Letter To Myself...


Dear 2013 Becka,

I see you.

I know you think that no one does. I see your hurt and your constant struggle to re-gain some sort of recognizable parts of yourself. I see you grasp at anything hoping this will help you out of your hole and I watch the ropes snap off in your hands leaving you without hope for any escape. 

I see your facade and the way you carry on. I see your exhaustion battling a disease you barely understand causing damage you don't realize you are causing. I see your struggle.

I know you are afraid. I know you think that your future is set. But I'm here to tell you that INCREDIBLE things are on your horizon. Hold on just 1 more month! Because next month you are going to be presented with something that will change the trajectory of your life. And be brave Becka, because you're going to have to scrounge up all those last embers of faith you might have to decide to give this new lifestyle and opportunity your all.

When it comes, you are going to have to make a decision. A decision to try ONE LAST TIME or to let it pass you by. Decide to try! Find a way to make it work. And show up every day with the best effort you can. Don't worry, you'll get better. And stronger. And every day you'll be getting closer and closer to me! I'm calling out to you from the other side of the tunnel. There's light here! Just walk towards my voice!

Get ready old friend, your world is about to be lit on FIRE! Hold onto hope. I'll see you on the other side!

PS. Ditch the bangs love, they were a bad decision.

2015 Becka
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