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The New Shakeology Boosts and How To Get Them For Yourself!


Okay so you may have seen me posting about these on Instagram and maybe you saw my video of when I tried these for the first time but I had to write a quick blog post to tell you about them specifically because I am so bonkers excited about them and I want to give you all the info in one easy place so you can learn more and try these yourself if you want to!

First of all, these Boosts were top secret! We had no idea they were going to surprise us with this release. It was so exciting to find out because this is such a fantastic tool for individuals to tweak their Shakeology to fit their daily needs even more!!!!

You guys know I love Shakeology and have been using it every day for nearly two years now to help me with my weight loss and nutrition goals. So I'm such a fangirl and am so excited to add these boosts in on days when I need a little extra.
You might ask, why do we even need these if Shakeology already has this stuff in it? Well, like anything, you can't make everyone 100% happy all the time. So a balance has to be struck in Shakeology so that it has a great combination of ingredients across the board. But maybe you need a little extra energy one day or a little extra fiber another or maybe you haven't been eating as many veggies and you wanna get in some extra... that's where these come in!

There are three new boosts:
1. Focused Energy
2. Digestive Health
3. Power Greens
Focused Energy Boost is for you if you need a gentle but effective boost of energy. Not as intense as an energy drink or pre-workout, but a more steady focus throughout your day. This is a great option if you find yourself reaching for a late afternoon coffee or sugary snack to perk you up. But with this bad boy you don't crash the way you do after those other less nutritious options.

Digestive Health Boost is full of fiber. Both soluble and insoluble so it helps to fill you up AND to keep everything... ahem... moving right along. Most of us get less than half the amount of fiber we should in a day which is why a lot of us deal with tummy troubles, gas, bloating, and feeling snacky all day long. If you add a scoop of this to your shake you'll fulfill over 50% of your daily recommended fiber needs, just in that one serving. Boom.

Power Greens Boost is an incredible way to get in a bunch of nutrient dense veggies while still supporting the acid/alkaline balance in your body (so important!). One scoop is like eating 2/3 c. leafy greens, 1/3 c. cucumber and 1/3 of a large celery stalk. A great little boost if you have a hard time getting in your veggies. Yes, it's always best to eat the fresh stuff, but most people don't. So if you struggle with veggies, or you live your life on the go with only fast food options, pack some of this and treat your body with the greens it craves.

In a recent Test Group survey*, here's how the boosts stacked up...
Focused Energy Boost users:
81% felt it helped improve their mental alertness
78% felt more focused throughout the day
76% felt it helped reduce their caffeine consumption
72% felt less fatigued throughout the day

Power Greens Boost users:
97% believe this product is an effective way to help stay on track with their health + fitness goals
96% said it helped them meet their daily requirements of vegetables
75% improved their diet
72% felt healthier

Digestive Health Boost users:
91% felt more full/satiated for an average of 2.9 hours
88% felt it helped improve their regularity
83% felt or looked less bloated
81% felt it helped them reduce their junk-food cravings
78% reported improved digestion

* info on test group available here
Lastly, while I was in Nashville, before these even launched to the public I got my hands on them and tried them for the first time. Here's my live review and trial of Focused Energy if you want to watch!

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