Saturday, August 1

Join Our Tribe! Reach Your Goals! What is Beachbody Coaching?

I just want to take a second to personally THANK everyone here! You have been so supporting and encouraging to me in my health and fitness journey! It is because of you that I felt brave enough to share my journey and found my passion for helping other people to get their grooves back as well! Because of your love and support that I was able to have faith in myself that I could make a difference in my own life, in the life of my family, and that I could extend that to making a difference in the lives of others.

Today is a big day. Not only did my team of coaches break records across the board, many of them earned their biggest pay checks to date, many of them hit big audacious goals for July, many of them did things they never thought they could do in all the best ways! But even more than that, this week, our tribe of beautiful souls tipped over the 2000 mark! Our team is now over 2000 coaches strong! 2000 people contributing to adding positivity and light to the world. The ripple effects can't even fully be comprehended!

As I approach my 2 year anniversary of getting started as a coach and on the healthy habits that changed my life, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the GOOD this opportunity has brought into my life...

➳ Losing over 70 pounds
➳ Paying off all our consumer debt (and almost half our student loan)
➳ Building a 6 figure+ income to support our family
➳ Connecting me to a community of support I never dreamed existed
➳ Helping me forge some of the most impactful and dearest friendships
➳ Giving me renewed purpose and a sense of empowerment
➳ Teaching me how to be a leader and put others first
➳ Brining our dreams of home ownership and investing closer ever day!

So as I sit and look (in disbelief) at the number of people involved in this team, this thing that started with just 1 and has now grown (and is growing) bigger every day... I feel so blessed and happy and excited and damn well proud to be waking up every day getting to do this as my job. Thank YOU!

I've been getting lots of requests to learn more about what it is that I do and that my team does so I've decided to take Sunday and share it with you all day in a live event! You can join for free here and feel free to invite anyone you know that might benefit...

This group is open to NON-COACHES only. And to those not currently working with another Beachbody coach. I'll be sharing posts spread throughout the day all about what I do, how I can financially support our goals, what our team is about and the way that we find success, and answering anything you're curious about! It will be open house style so you can check in at your leisure!
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