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The One Where I Interview My Hero, Danielle Laporte

truthbombs with danielle lapote
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Have you ever played the dinner party game? That game where someone asks you what 5 people, dead or alive, you would want at a dinner party together? Over time my invitee list has changed but one person who I've always wanted there is Danielle LaPorte.

She is the of some of my favorite books, Style Statement, The Fire Starter Sessions, Desire Map, and more. She's a whirlwind of insight and the kind of person you wish you could just be in the same vicinity of to just soak her in. Anyone else in love with her #truthbombs too? I have mine set to arrive to my phone every morning at 9am. Rise and shine! 

I had the privilege years ago of being coached by her over the phone as I took part in one of her Fire Starting Mentoring Sessions when she used to do those. And afterward she offered to let me interview her. I got to ask her some burning questions and she gave me the most beautiful answers. I thought I'd share some of them with you today. Hopefully they are as inspiring to you as they are to me.

BECKA: What is your state of mind right this moment?
DANIELLE: Calm. Very grateful.

B: Speaking to the artistpreneurs out there, what is your best advice about keeping the creative fire burning while dealing with the weighty responsibilities of running a business?
D: If it feels weighty, re-think it. Delegate, prioritize, nix it. And I find that the more creative “work” I produce, the more joy I have in my being and the necessary administrivia isn’t such a drag.

B: Tell me about imbalance.
D: I burn a lot of omelets. It’s a regular occurrence – I’m drawing robots with my kid, I’m jotting down an idea I don’t want to lose, I’m taking the call. And then the smoke alarms goes off. I “work” on holidays. Last Monday I stayed in bed and read all day. I send birthday gifts three months early or three months late – but it’s just the right gift. I can eat cereal every day for a week, wearing the same clothes, never leaving the house because I want to finish a book. I like last minute trips out of town and not answering email for days. The last time I was at a monastery, I tweeted about it. This is not a balanced life. But it works. And the more I pursue my passions, the more uncomplicated my life gets, actually. There’s not much in my life that I resent. And if resentment builds, I’m swift to get it off my plate. It’s not the imbalance-ness that stresses me, it’s doing meaningless things that aren’t taking me where I want to go.

B: I really admire the way you are able to be genuine on your blog. As many people do, on social media I feel the pressure to talk about life, projects, and the world as romantic rainbows and butterflies when sometimes all I really want to say is “My day was shitty.” Can you talk to me about finding the intersection of genuine and positive?
D: MY WORK (+ SOCIAL MEDIA) CREDO – in order of priority – is:
1. Be USEFUL. If your stuff is not 100% about utility, practicality, or wisdom, then… 
2. Be INSPIRING. If you’re not flush with inspiration, passion, motivation, then at least… 
And if you can’t at least be amusing then keep to yourself. Otherwise, you’re wasting people’s time. And when you waste people’s time – you’re not only a delusional wanker, you’re disrespectful. Once you disrespect your audience, they’ll walk. Complaining is a no-no.

B: What was the biggest business mistake you’ve made?
D: I kept my mouth shut.

B: To end, what words can you speak to the people out there who may be sitting on their dreams, scared of taking the leap to that next, beautiful level?
D: Don’t burn energy trying to assume how people will perceive you. It’s your job to show up as you, passion and all, and let the right customers make up their mind about you.
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