Monday, August 24

THIS & THAT | Exploring Historic Mt. Dora

wanderlust ocean exploring
explore mt dora central florida
Isn't this mural beautiful? It reminded me of a watercolor painting.
kids activities in mount dora, florida
We were bummed that we missed the old steam engine that you can ride through town! 
We'll try again next time for sure. Steamies are Bubs' favorite.
train signs in downtown mt dora florida
quality time with your children
headstand on the dock in mt dora
lake in mt. dora florida
It is a dream of mine to have a home on one of these big Central Florida lakes one day.
photography adventure in mt dora
Watching a storm roll in across the lake.
crystal closet mt dora energy grid pyramid
We visited a metaphysical supply shop called The Crystal Closet, picked out crystals for each of us and left smelling like incense. Also let's talk about how much my hair has grown out. Ha!
Mexican food shenanigans and lemon sucking.
local beer in central florida
We ended our trip with a stop by a local brewery and chatted with the brewer about his process here in this small space. We love meeting and supporting local artists and artisans.
beer in florida

One of my biggest passions as a coach is to help people live a life by design and with intention. I work with parents all the time that tell me they don't have the energy to keep up with their kids, let alone plan adventure days to take them on! Getting healthy isn't just about fitting into a smaller size, it's also about feeling more like your true self, having energy, and having the means to go and make memories with those you love. I'm so thankful for a career that lets me enjoy both the rewards of this coaching lifestyle: of making a health a priority in our family and the vitality that brings, and also the freedom to go on a family adventure for no reason without worrying about missing a day of work or having to ask a boss for permission. It's what I am so passionate about helping other people to accomplish and build as well. Living vibrantly, by design, with intention. Moments, not things. xo.
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