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Which Gem Are You? Dani Johnsons Gem Personality Test Breakdown

I am slightly obsessed with personality tests! Blame it on my psychology degree, or the fact that I'm an INFP, or that I'm just naturally curious... but I love digging into what makes people unique, what motivates them, and what makes them feel the most loved! I love finding out people's Myers Briggs results, their love languages, their color code, and now... their gem!

As a coach and mentor, knowing someone's gem is a quick and easy way for me to be able to focus in on what motivates them the most, what will help them stay on track, and how best to celebrate their successes with them! Knowing your own personality gem will help you understand yourself better and avoid pitfalls and knowing the gems of those that you mentor will help you to be a better leader! (If this all sounds silly to you, just think of each gem as a personality type, because that's basically what it is.)

This test comes from author and inspirational speaker, Dani Johnson. She said, “You have all four Gem characteristics in you. Some people have a lot of two Gems and very little of the others. Others have quite a bit of each one in them, but they lead and communicate in one primary Gem most of the time.” Understanding your own and the gems of those that you interact with can help you so much to communicate in the best way possible and make others feel seen and understood! Read on to figure out your gem!


Emeralds see the world in black and white. They love (and need) facts and figures. If you are an emerald you might find yourself being misunderstood a lot and having people think you are cold or insensitive but really you just want to know the bottom line and understand it as quickly as possible before you make any decisions.

Emeralds love systems and organization. Their systems have systems and they can get hung up on trying to organize things so much that they never actually move forward or get started on a project because they want everything to be perfectly organized first. Emeralds are usually the grammar police and they hate typos and when people are late.

As an emerald, you can avoid getting stuck by focusing on just 1 thing at a time and try to force yourself to finish the learning stage quickly so you can get started moving forward. An emerald's mantra needs to be: "Done is better than perfect."

Emeralds are great organizers and we can learn a lot from the emeralds in our lives for how to be responsible, timely, concise, organized, and responsible.

If you are working with an emerald, make sure to give them clear steps, expectations, and all the info they need to make their decision. Emeralds will do their own research but you'll gain some bonus points in their eyes if you provide them with all the facts, figures, and results they want to see!

rubiespersonalitygem Rubies are competitive. So much so that rubies don't like to even play a game they don't think they can win. If you are a ruby you probably take family game night waaaayyyy too seriously. Rubies want to be the best at everything. They thrive on it. If you are a ruby you likely are constantly striving for your next big goal.

Rubies want to feel valued for being unique, special, and the best. Rubies like to celebrate their accomplishments and thrive on public recognition. Lots of business owners are rubies because rubies are blessed with extra confidence in their abilities to be the best and are more likely to take risks.

Rubies can sometimes be too direct and cause hurt feelings. But they are not necessarily confrontational, just.... distracted by whatever they are working towards. Rubies are exceptionally susceptible to the comparison trap and will get very blue if they feel like someone is out-performing them. As a ruby, your manta needs to be, "Comparison is the thief of joy".

Rubies can teach us how to go all in for a goal. They can teach us how to be brave and take bigger risks and to dive right in and never give up. As a ruby, you can avoid burnout by narrowing your focus to 1 thing instead of trying to be the best at everything. Also, as a ruby, you can avoid hurting those you love by working on your communication skills with the other gems and working on being more sensitive to how others are feeling.

If you are working with a ruby, you can impress them by being a soundingboard and idea generator. Rubies love big dreamers and those that feed into their mindset that they can achieve anything they set their sights on. Give them public props for their accomplishments and help them stay focused on their goals, not what others are doing.

SAPPHIREPERSONALITYGEMSapphires are the life of the party. The jolt of energy in the room. The party doesn't start till the sapphires walk in! Sapphires are primarily motivated by a good time. They want everything in life to be fun, or they don't want to waste their energy on it. Sapphires are positive people and see the best in others. Like rubies, sapphires love recognition. But for slightly different reasons. While rubies want to be the best, sapphires just want to be in the limelight! Unlike rubies, True sapphires will work for recognition more than they will even for money!

Sapphires love human interaction and are social butterflies. They love the variety of human experience and want to surround themselves with people and places and experiences because all they want is to enjoy life!

From our sapphire friends we can learn to not take life too seriously and to leave more time for fun!

As a sapphire, you can avoid pitfalls by understanding that not everyone feels as happy-go-lucky and positive as you do all the time. Sapphires should take care to not come off as un-caring when other gems share their struggles. A sapphire's mantra should be, "Eat that frog!" meaning that you should make sure to do the important (but boring or unfun) tasks first so that you are free to enjoy the rest of your time.

If you are working with a sapphire, you should remember to shine the limelight their way! Give them a time to shine and value their positive energy contributions to your group. Try to be positive around them, because sapphires don't want to waste time on the negative.

pearlpersonalitygemAll the gems enjoy helping others, but for pearls, that is their number one motivation. Pearls are not motivated by money, or competition, or the limelight. But rather they want to feel like they are contributing to a cause bigger than themselves. For that reason, many pearls are involved in philanthropic organizations and causes. Pearls have very strong convictions, are thoughtful, patient, and dislike controversy or conflict.

Pearls love discussing their family or those relationships closest to their heart. They value authenticity and trust and have no tolerance for fake friendships. Unlike sapphires who thrive in the joys of meeting new people, peals value long and rooted relationships. They prefer heart-to-hearts to big social gatherings.

Pearls are loyal and trustworthy and love to serve and give of themselves. Because of that, they are often overlooked, walked on, and taken advantage of. From pearls, we can learn the value of keeping our word, serving others just for the sake of it, and being a loyal friend.

If you are a pearl, you can avoid pitfalls by being more selective about who you help. By placing clear boundaries in your life you can learn to say "no" without the fear of letting others down. Pearls must work on putting themselves first every now and then so they don't get burned out. A pearl's manta should be, "It is more loving to say 'no' sometimes."

If you are working with a pearl, be as authentic as possible (pearls can sniff out a fraud in a second and will quickly lose trust). Pearls care less about facts, figures, or money so appeal to their nature by sharing how you can help them or how you've helped others in the past and celebrate how they give and help others. Pearls need to feel valued for the work they do that normally goes unnoticed.


So which gem do you think you are? Ask you read through the descriptions did any stand out to you? Here is a handy gem cheat sheet you can use for yourself, your teammates, or your clients to help them pinpoint their primary gem. Having trouble figuring out your gem? Ask someone who knows you well to help you. Sometimes we can't see our own habits but others can quickly pinpoint it!

When you know your own gem, you can work to maximize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. You can also learn how to be a better friend, mentor, and leader to those in your life by understanding better how to communicate. When you learn the gem types of others it is like you can start to "speak their language" and communicate so much better because you'll be able to speak directly to the areas of their personality that they hold most dear!

So... which gem are you???

I use this test to help me understand the coaches on my team better so that I can be a better leader and mentor to them. This is just a small part of the training I offer to all my new coaches so we can help start on a path to success based on their own strengths, goals, and most importantly, motivations. It is my primary passion to help train and mentor woman to build successful coaching businesses that fulfill them personally and that help them to create a life of freedom. If you're interested in applying to be a part of my new coach training fill out this application!

**If you want to dig deeper into the gems you can learn more in Dani's Gem Mastery course. 

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