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famous people who overcame failure

"The first guy through the wall always gets bloody. Always. It's threatening not only the way they do business, but the game. Really what it's threatening is their livelihood. It's threatening the way they do things and every time that happens whether it's a government or a way of doing business or whatever it is, the people who are holding the rains, their hands on the switch- they go batshit crazy." 
*Owner of the Red Sox to Billy Beane, Moneyball

Have you heard the one about the crabs in the bucket? Just one crab in a bucket will crawl out and escape. But a bunch of crabs in a bucket will get caught. Why? Because whenever a crab tries to crawl out of the bucket the other crabs grab that one with their pinches and pull them back down. Poor little pioneer.

If you are doing something new (even just to you), or different, or revolutionary, or a few steps off of the norm, you might be noticing some push back. I see it all the time in my coaching business. A challenger or new coach of mine, who has committed to getting healthier and improving their lifestyle will suddenly start to get a bunch of push back from the people around them. Negativity, animosity, harsh responses. Why? Blame it on the crab mentality.

When we change direction, when we step out of line, when we turn and go against the flow... we threaten the status quo. They don't like that we've deviated from the norm. Who are we to think we can do something different? Our very being begins to make others defensive. They judge. They mock. They question...

But eventually... they copy

Pioneers blaze a path, sometimes amidst lots of push back. But when they do, they change things. Big things. And in their footsteps they leave a trail for others to follow. It's what I want to do as a coach. To show other women that this can be an option for them! They can get healthier, find community, and support their family with income from coaching. They don't have to choose between work and family. They aren't limited to what society expects of them. Do I get push back sometimes? Yes of course. But I won't let a few crabs pull me down. 

If you feel like a crab trying to crawl out of a bucket with a hundred other crabs nipping at your toes, you aren't alone. Above are some of history's greats who all were nipped at by the crabs in the bucket too....

(clockwise from top left) 
1. Steve Jobs - Was fired from the company he created but came back later to create the ipod, which changed the entire game in the technology industry. 
2. Oprah - Was told she wasn't right for TV. Then she built a TV empire.
3. Steven Speilburg - Was rejected from film school three times before becoming one of the best directors of all time.
4. Lucille Ball - Was considered a failed, B-list actress and was told by her acting teachers to switch professions. Then she changed the face of comedy with I Love Lucy.
5. Vincent Van Gogh- Never sold a painting till after his death. His work is now some of the most sought after art in the world. His style has become iconic around the world.
6. J. K. Rowling - Was rejected 12 times with the Harry Potter manuscripts. Then went on to publish one of the most famous literary series of our time.

Keep climbing. ;)

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