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FITSPIRATION // My 3 Day Refresh Results

before and after 3 day refresh beachbody

I recently shared a post on my social media about my summer un-progress and how embarrassed it made me to show how off track I'd allowed myself to get last month. I know most people would NEVER put up a photo showing themselves getting less fit but... I shared it in hopes of helping at least one other person to realize that steps backwards are normal and the only way to really fail is to quit.

I am someone who does (and always has had to) work really hard to keep weight off and to keep my body feeling healthy. A combination of genetics, an auto-immune disease I manage, and my love for junk food means that I have to be on my A game the majority of the time to get (and more importantly, keep) results. So when I start to slack off, my body very quickly responds by getting super bloated, by losing the muscle definition I developed, by breaking out, and by feeling exhausted all the time. No fun!

So I publicly recommitted to getting back on track with my healthy habits this month using a combination of my all time favorite at home workouts and nutrition plan, and I decided to start that with a 72 hour cleanse called the 3 Day Refresh. It's my go-to way to kickstart my own results and "reset" when I've gotten in a bad cycle of not doing my daily workouts and not eating as clean as I should.

It's incredible the results I get when I focus. (You can see the results I got the first time I tried this here.) It reminds me so much about how much the food we eat affects us. In 72 hours I went from feeling so bloated that my skin felt tight, tired, achy, and generally blah, to feeling stronger, leaner, more mentally focused, and much more energized. In just 3 days! It's so helpful because this little reset helped me to get September started strong and having those positive changes happen so quickly helped fuel my fire to really make my healthy habits a priority this month so I can go into the fall and winter season with a great routine to help me continue becoming the healthiest version of me possible! (Who doesn't love instant gratification?)

I had such a great time doing the 3 Day Refresh this month that I plan on doing it again in two weeks and this time leading a group of people through it. So if you want to kickstart your routine again, or if you have gotten off track with all the summer fun and need a reset, you are invited to join me for a 1 week challenge during which we will be going through the 3 Day Refresh as a group. Hopefully this makes it much less overwhelming and will help you stick it out and stay accountable to your goals to finish the 72 hours!

The best thing about the Refresh is that it isn't deprivation based. You eat real food (fruits and veggies) and you drink protein and superfood packed smoothies. You also drink lots of water. So this is a no-starvation, no-deprivation plan. You'll also cut out sugar and caffeine. So it might be a bit of a challenge for you, but with the support of our little group hopefully you'll be able to stick it out so you can feel the fun of progress and get back into your own healthy habits this fall with me! I'll even share all my favorite smoothie recipes with you so you have lots of options so you never get bored. I even have a killer recipe for girlscout cookie flavored smoothies. You're welcome.

Our group Refresh will take place September 16-18 but we'll spend a week together so our challenge will start the 14th! All you need to participate is to have me as your coach and have the 3 Day Refresh so you can take part in the fun. You can do both at the same time by ordering with the links below. It happens to be on sale this month which is an added bonus!

There are three ways to get it right now on sale...

1. BASIC - You can get it just on it's own. It comes with everything you need for the 3 days.
2. BONUS - You can get it as a Challenge Pack which means you'll get the 3 Day Refresh plus a month's worth of Shakeology and a month's access to Beachbody On Demand (which is a library of streaming workouts!) so you can continue your healthy habits after the 72 hour refresh is over.
3. BEST DEAL - You can get it along with my favorite home workout program called Piyo in a challenge pack so you can also get your body moving along with a month of Shakeology and access to Beachbody on Demand. Booyah!

You are welcome to join our 3 Day Refresh challenge with any of those options! But if you go with options 2 or 3 you'll be invited to continue on with us after the week is over to keep going with your healthy habits through the rest of September. I'll even give you a workout calendar that utilizes all the free workouts available on Beachbody On Demand so you have a little routine already ready for you that you can follow for the rest of September!

I hope you'll join me! Please send me an email after you order so I can make sure to get you plugged in with our private group on FB! We're going to have such a great time getting results in just 3 days and establishing healthy habits to carry us into fall and winter!

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