Sunday, September 20

I'm A Failure // How I Failed Forward Into Success

I'M A FAILURE!!!!! Did you guys know that? Social media is so hard you guys. It's highlight after highlight and pretty soon you can start to feel pretty crappy about yourself. AMIRIGHT?

People tell me sometimes that they don't think they can turn their life around because they aren't "successful" like me. And I laugh in my head. Because I'm actually a big failure! I set some big goals, yes. But I do fall short, a lot of the time.

Here's a few of my failures as a coach... 

1. In 2013 as a new coach I advanced to Diamond (the first really exciting leadership rank) in 70 days. I was over the moon! Then I lost it over the holidays and couldn't get my rank back till early spring. I was so frustrated that I almost quit coaching.

2. I set a goal to be earning a specific income consistently by my 1 year coaching anniversary (August). It took me till the end of 2014 to get it consistently. I felt like a failure because our family needed that consistent income and I missed it for months!

3. In 2014 I set a goal to be an Elite 5 star diamond by the end of the year. I fell short and ended up qualifying as a Premiere coach instead. (I like to think of this like an "Honorable Mention" HAHAHAHA!)

4. Earlier this year I hit a plateau in my weight loss journey and my struggle with Hashimotos and gained back some weight I had lost. I was so embarrassed that I was afraid to post photos of myself on social media thinking people would notice and judge me. How silly? My journey is my story and I am actually working on a blog post about healthy living with auto immune issues. But still, I felt like a big failure!

5. I set a goal to be a 10* diamond coach at Summit this year (which is a specific rank in coaching that is very prestigious). Well Summit came and went and I missed it. I fell short again.

So... I'm a failure you guys. I've failed at almost every big goal I set for myself!!!!!! I've failed publicly and failed privately. I've fallen flat on my face more than once in my business. But you know what... I'VE FAILED MY WAY FORWARD TO SUCCESS That's right. I might have failed at every single one of those big goals I had for myself but...

But in the mean time, while I was failing... 

➳ I lost 70 pounds, gained some back, and have been re-losing again. I failed my way into qualifying as an Elite coach (the thing I worked all last year for and failed) in just the first half of this year!

➳ I failed my way into a salary adding up to nearly 200K/annually and still growing.

➳ I failed my way into leading a team ranked #29 out of over 350,000!

➳ I failed my way into 2 free all inclusive cruises, a free ticket to Summit, and invitations to 2 exclusive leadership conferences with corporate.

➳ And I fully plan on failing my way to Super Star Diamond (the highest rank you can earn as a coach), Top 10, the Millionaires Club, and one day maybe even Top Coach!

So if you're out there thinking that you're a failure... GOOD! Fail forward. Fail, and fail and fail again because at least you're trying. Set BIG goals that scare you and set them so high that there's a good chance you'll fail. Then go after than no matter what happens. If a failure like me can do it, you can too! We can even fail side by side if you want! Just whatever you do, don't think that failing at something is the end of your story. Keep FAILING FOWARD and never give up! xo

(Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. For more information see the Beachbody Statement of Independent Coach Earnings)
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