Monday, September 28


the lifechanging magic of tidying up

You might be wondering where we are at in our big living style overhaul we've affectionately dubbed "Project Downsize". Well... we're doing pretty good! We got a bit derailed when things got busy and stalled out. Some areas of our house feel awesome and others are still in that it-gets-worse-before-it-gets-better stage.

Since we started we have completely renovated and made over our living areas in our living room, dining nook, and we now for the first time ever have a dining room! I'm just waiting on a few pieces of furniture to be assembled and I'll post photos. You aren't going to believe the before and afters. In case you're new here, this year we decided it was time for a major PURGE and have been slowly plugging away at it ever since. I've taken more trips to the Goodwill drop off than I can count at this point and we've still got a huge section of our garage that is holding things that still need to be dropped off. It's incredible how much CRAP you accumulate in 4 years in a house!

Here's what we've accomplished so far...

➳ Go though all our clothes and donate everything that doesn't fit/that we haven't work in 6+ months
➳ Go through our son's clothes and donate everything he's grown out of (saving a few special pieces)
➳ Undertake a Great Toy Purge and donate everything he's outgrown or lost interest in
➳ Clean out all the clutter from the living room
➳ Throw away all the toys that are broken or have too many missing pieces to use
➳ Clear out all the shelves in our various bookshelves and donate books/trinkets that are just collecting dust
➳ Sell the furniture and decorations we no longer enjoy and replace them.
➳ Repaint the den in brighter, fresh colors. Add mirrors to bounce light around.
➳ Clear my computer desktop and files

Here's what we did once but already needs to be done again... whoops... 

➳  Go through our son's clothes and donate what he's grown out of
➳ Go through our son's toy's and donate what he has lost interest in
➳ Clear my computer desktop and files
➳ Go through our clothes and shoes and donate what no longer fits

Here's what's left...

➳ Clear out our pantry and donate all the non-perishables that we don't eat or don't want
➳ Clean out all our cupboards and donate all the kitchen goods we don't use/don't need
➳ Go through the closets and clear out what we no longer need
➳ Declutter the guest room
➳ Declutter the master bedroom
➳ Clean out the garage. UGHHHHH. Enough said.
➳ Clean out the shed. (This one is terrifying because I'm fairly sure a mouse family lives in there)

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