Friday, September 11

Where Do You Find The Time?

"But how did you find the time to do it? I just don't have any time."

It's a sentiment that I hear from pretty much every person who is talking to me about changing their lives. I hear it in their voice that they *want* so badly to make the jump.  But this overwhelming busy-ness holds them back because they think there's no way they could add in something that is purely for themselves. (Even though they NEED to do something purely for themselves so badly that it's killing them.) 

Whatever the reason they don't think they could do it, they want to hear how I found the time. How was I able to work full time, be a stay at home mom, and build a six figure coaching business all while remembering to eat regular meals, get a workout done every day, spend time with my husband and friends, and remember to mail birthday cards on time? (Just kidding, I never remember to mail birthday cards on time.)

Do you want to know the secret?



I decided to do it.

What the eff? What kind of woo woo, bullshit answer is that? Well it's the truth. I truly just decided.

I guess I didn't just decide to do it. I decided to do it with every fiber of my being. It was do or die and I knew it. SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE.  I decided that instead of waiting around for "the perfect time" to get started on my own fitness journey, I was going to stop waiting and start doing.

I decided that these things: my workout, my health, and my business goals of helping others get on track and growing a successful organization, were my new NON NEGOTIABLES. Instead of viewing them as the extras, like most people do, the things you can do when the rest of life is done and you happen to have some spare time, I decided these were my priorities. Action item numero uno. And it's a funny thing about attention... when you focus it on something, you get that something done.

"But... but... but...." Listen, I get it, you're busy. We're all busy.

The difference between making it happen in my life and not is deciding that it's a priority and adjusting things accordingly. Yeah, I watch a little less TV than I did before. I stopped wasting time scrolling Facebook and Pinterest. I experimented and found ways to be more efficient and productive.

(Facebook voice message feature? Cute the hallelujah chorus!)

It's not magic. It's intention. What you give your focus to expands.

Try it. Schedule your workout like you would an important business meeting.

Treat your goals with the same attention that you give to your other obligations. Since when are your priorities less of a priority than those of everyone else you serve all day long? And when you do, an incredible thing will start to happen. You'll start shifting the needle from "I don't have time" to "I made some time" and slowly those minutes will add up to hours and hours to days and days to weeks and before you know it you'll see progress on something that actually matters to your soul! Stop wasting all your time building someone else's dreams and start working on your own. You deserve it.

Give it a try this week! I promise you have more time than you think.

(Wanna read a great personal development book about this? Try Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner.)
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