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Looking For Girlbosses | Oh What A Difference Bravery Makes...

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These posts are always a little nerve wrecking. Which is strange because they shouldn't be. They are super exciting. And celebrating blessings in our life. And I always LOVE when good stuff happens to my friends so why would I assume my friends wouldn't be equally happy for me. But still, those little fears and negative thoughts creep in. What if people think I'm bragging? What if people get annoyed? But then I think to myself... what if this inspires hope in at least 1 other person? What if hearing my story helps them make a decision that changes their life? Well... then it's worth it a million times over!

A few years ago I was working three jobs. I was a full time photographer, I was a stay at home mom, and I was a freelance blogger. We worked from home. And to most people, our lifestyle probably seemed exciting and possibly even glamourous... getting paid to travel for events, getting to work from wherever, no boring 9-5. But if I pulled back the curtain you wouldn't have seen a Pinterest-perfect scene. You would have seen a frazzled and overworked woman who was super unhealthy.
You would see someone who was working probably 80 hours a week. While you might have thought that working for ourselves allowed us all this free time to be with our family, in the work we were doing, the opposite was our reality. All our babysitting favors were used for work so we never got time to go enjoy being together. We couldn't afford to travel for fun so every trip had a work element and we could never relax. Everything was stressful. I felt like I was treading water and slowly sinking. And while we brought in a perfectly fine income from our work, the expenses of business and a new child were making it so we were barely making ends meet and definitely not able to save or pay down college debt.

I looked at my situation and felt a bit hopeless. It wasn't scalable. If I wanted to earn more money I had to take on more work and I was already grossly overcommitted. Because of that I sacrificed taking care of myself. Sleep was given up to meet deadlines for clients. Meals were skipped to have more time to work. Our house was always a mess. And our marriage suffered because of the stress of it all.

When I found out about the option of coaching it was in the beginning of my own weight loss journey. I saw a few women who had incredible success as coaches by working on themselves, holding others accountable, and helping other people to learn to be successful businesspeople too. I looked at them and I thought to myself, "I have all these skills. I'm good at all this stuff. I already built a successful business online, surely I can do it again! I know how to use social media, and I'm a fast learner so whatever I don't know, I know that it won't take me long to figure it out!"

So I decided to try it. I talked to Nate about it and he said "Well what's the worst thing that could happen? You get a little healthier doing this new program and you make a few extra bucks and some friends?" And like that... I was all in.

Since then we've been able to completely transform our lives. It's been about 2 years and we are still only beginning. And now I'm oh so passionate about paying this opportunity forward to other people who were in situations like I was. Are you already a boss in your own way? Already on FB and maybe blogging and using social media? Do you know how to learn quickly and google what you don't know so you can figure it out? We are a generation of self-starters. Do you care about people and want to live your most beautiful and vibrant life and to inspire others to do the same? Do you currently feel stuck, like you are treading water with your current situation and no matter how much you try, not able to get ahead? If that's you, I want to help you!

I'm hosting a little Q&A private group over the next two days where I share about what it is I do as a coach, how the whole thing works, and about the incredible opportunity knocking at your door if you're just brave enough to open it up and try. This is an incredible answer for so many people and if you feel that little inkling inside that maybe you could be good at this too, I urge you to jump in and ask questions! You can request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/521432248026785/

*knock knock* ;)

 (To keep the lawyers happy and because it's true: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. For more information see the Beachbody Statement of Independent Coach Earnings)
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