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THIS & THAT | Beachbody's Leadership in California

beachbody coach leadership california
This year I qualified as one of Beachbody's top .05% of coaches and was invited to Coronado, California to attend the annual Leadership Retreat! 
Coronado is beautiful! We had ocean views from practically every room!
The welcome wagon, always goofy. I love that no one takes themselves too seriously here.
BEACHBODY leadership retreat 2015
The first night we were welcomed with a party and our names printed onto the glass of the hotel balcony! 
my name on the wall with my success partners
coronado california beachbody elite
These girls are my business bff's and we talk every day. It's always a special occasion when we are all in one place together since we live all over North America. 
success partners nikki johnson and becka robinson
welcome reception party
Mornings at Beachbody events are for live workouts and we were treated to sneak peek workouts of programs that are not even released yet like The Master's Hammer & Chisel
workout with sagi kalev and autumn calabrese live
... with Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev (aka "The Beast")
hammer and chisel launch live workout
We also got to hear about the newest Shakeology flavor and sample it first! COFFEE!
BEACHBODY leadership retreat 2015
Panels with corporate and incredible keynote speakers meant copious note taking.
taking lots of notes continued education in business
Luckily, Beachbody always feeds us incredibly well and gives us lots of little breaks. 
ready for learning, fueled by shakeology
I loved that all the catered meals had 21 Day Fix style breakdowns of the portion count! Handy.
fixate portion controlled lunch menu 21 day fix
A team building morning took us to the Pacific coast for all kinds of challenges in the sand
team building
human pyramid team building ideas
BEACHBODY leadership retreat 2015
team building challenge
having fun as beachbody coaches
And we couldn't help celebrating a year of incredible growth and the ENGAGEMENT of one of our friends!!!! Don't worry, I got gluten free cupcakes. ;)
beachbody success becka robinson bonnie engle morgan rieger laura mendenhall
For the final event Beachbody threw an outrageous "Arabian Nights" themed party! 
corporate party spectacular arabian nights

Leadership 2015 was an absolutely incredible experience! To be honored by the corporate members of a billion dollar company as leaders and treated to sneak peeks, state of the company information, a heads up for the roll out of products and programs through the next year, celebrations with all kinds of special surprises, and lots of time to connect and build deeper friendships with our coach friends from all over, this was by far one of my favorite experiences I've had yet as a coach!

Two years ago when I made the decision to dive into coaching and at the same time to my own health and fitness journey, I always knew the potential, but I never imagined how fulfilled, happy, passionate, and grateful the entire experience would make me. I know without any doubt that I am on the right path for my life and even though I would have never even imagined this career for myself, I know there couldn't be a more perfect fit for me! To combine my passions for inspiring other women to live their best, most beautiful, most fulfilling, most vibrant lives, and helping others to believe in themselves... I couldn't ask for a more perfect fit. Thank you Universe for letting me stumble into this life changing course for myself!

Leadership will always be on my "must accomplish" set of goals each year. I wonder who I'll get to take with me next year? Will it be you? Click the "Join My Tribe" button at the top of the page if you want to learn more about what I do and see if joining in might be a right next step for you in your life!

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