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What Is Hammer and Chisel and Where Can I Get It?

what is hammer and chisel and where to buy it

What is Hammer and Chisel? Maybe you've heard me talking about it or seen promos online. Maybe you found your way here from a google search (hi!) and your curious where you can get more info about it! Well, my dear friends, I've got you covered! Read on to learn all about The Master's Hammer and Chisel, what it's about, who it's for, and how you can get it FIRST!

Hammer and Chisel is Beachbody's newest home fitness program and it is officially launching on DECEMBER 2nd! But they've been giving us coaches sneak peeks for a little while so I'm beyond excited to commit to this as my New Year's program! Let me tell you why...

For so long there has not been a body sculpting/muscle building (aka toning) program made with women in mind. There's Body Beast, but that's really targeted toward the menfolk. I don't just want to lose weight, I want to define my muscles and feel strong! So when they announced that the trainer who did Body Beast and the trainer from the 21 Day Fix were coming together to make a new program I knew it was going to be perfect!

Lean muscle not only looks fit (not bulky!), but it burns more calories and keeps your metabolism going! And this program is going to utilize the same portion control containers you are already used to from the 21 Day Fix to help you eat what your body needs to get lean! No matter what your fitness level, this one is going to be a great new challenge. I'll be leading a group of brave souls who want to give this a try so make sure to fill out my application (and write in that you're interested in Hammer and Chisel) so I can keep you updated and let you know FIRST when it's officially available!

Okay so to break it down really simply for you... 60 days, portion controlled nutrition, the accountability of a group of people all doing it together, both male and female trainer and focus, weights, cardio, strength training, body sculpting, push yourself to see what your body can do! 

Hammer and Chisel might be a perfect fit for you if: You don't love cardio, you like workouts with weights, you are a girl who wants a program with weights made just for you, you are a couple that wants to be able to do 1 workout together that works for both of you, you want to try something new and challenge yourself, you need help with knowing what and how much to eat, you love Autumn Calabrese or Sagi Kalev already, you like cross-fit, you are a runner and need to cross-train, you normally do workouts like yoga but want to try a new challenge, you want to commit to something really awesome for your New Years Resolutions!

Hammer and Chisel might *not* be a perfect fit for you it: You hate lifting weights, you prefer cardio-only workouts, you don't like a challenge, you don't have weights and aren't willing to buy or borrow them from a friend.

You can actually try it RIGHT NOW FOR FREE if you want! You just need to have access to Beachbody On Demand. There are two sample workouts up there right now that you can stream to any device that has an internet connection and try them for yourself! If you don't already have a Beachbody On Demand membership, you can try it for 30 Days FOR FREE by using this link!

I am 100% committed to doing this program once it comes out! So feel free to follow my journey on social media. And if you want to do it with me just fill out this form (and make sure to mark that you're interested in Hammer & Chisel!) and I'll email you all the info about it so you can get it FIRST when it launches in December!

free workout calendar to prep for hammer and chisel

AND... if you want to get yourself all ready for Hammer & Chisel, here is a FREE WORKOUT calendar based on the available programs On Demand that you can do this month to get ready! All you need is that free 30 Day On Demand Trial and you'll be able to do all of this! Feel free to join my free fitness community on Facebook so you can chart your progress and connect with other fitness minded people!

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