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COFFEE CUP CHATS // Staying Consistent When It Hurts (aka When It Matters Most)

As humans we are wired to avoid pain at all costs. We have this reflex that will yank our hands back from something hot, and emotionally the same reflex exists. Of course, we all know that some things that are actually good for us hurt (or... let's be honest, are uncomfortable). Just like those last 5 reps when it's *really* staring to burn matter most, so does checking things off your list for your business when you don't particularly feel like it.

Building a business is not for the faint of heart. Entrepreneurs are made in the fire. It's not all Pinterest and gluten free cupcakes for the self-employed folk (contrary to what the internet might lead you to believe... haha!) When you have no boss, you have no one to crack the whip when you need it. No one telling you that you won't get paid if you don't finish that project. No one threatening you when you're 10 minutes late every day. And while that freedom is what we get into this for, it also means that if you can't find the self discipline to get your shit done each day, you're going to be in some serious trouble. With no one to blame but yourself.

But Becka.... I'm trying to hard and nothing is working. I'm exhausted. I'm emotionally drained. I just don't know if I can do this. What's the harm in taking the day to lay in bed and re-watch Pretty Little Liars?

Here's the thing. We all need a mental health day every now and then. But when those days become habitual. When they happen every afternoon or in place of the work you are supposed to be doing but just don't *want* to be doing, that's when trouble starts.

how to plan your to do list in your day designer

SUCCESS LOVES SPEED. It needs it like fire needs oxygen. And when the going gets tough in your business and you pump the breaks, it's like putting a glass cup over your candle. You're snuffing your momentum out. Not only that, what kind of message are you sending to your potential customers? That you can't handle it? That you are not reliable to be there when they need you? That you fly by your emotions in your business? No good. I know you're better than that. And you do too!

Here's my Top 5 Tips For Staying Consistent:

1. Get Back To The Basics - As entrepreneurs we wear a lot of hats. Sometimes we can find ourselves starting down a lot of different roads all at once (learn instagram, figure out Facebook ads, re-define my niche market, lunch meetings, making videos, blogging, etc) It's no wonder sometimes we just can't even and hide in our beds. So take a look at your daily to-do's and pare down. Just for a while, till you get your mojo back and feel inspired to take on more.

2. Eat The Frog - If you aren't familiar with this term it means that knock out the things you like the least in the beginning of your work time, when you have the most energy. Those things that are really important but maybe not your favorite so you put them off. Just check 'em off early and move on to the fun stuff that you really love!

3. Remember Your Big Picture Goals - If you are an entrepreneur odds are you have a goal for what you want to achieve or do with your business or your success. It drives you. And sometimes when we get stressed or frazzled or tired or when life happens and throws everything at us we get distracted from that vision. Bring it back to the forefront of your mind. And then whenever you don't want to do something, remember that each time you finish a task you are moving yourself closer to that big goal.

4. Prioritize Your Time - Make sure you are not wasting time on things that don't really help you move forward. Prioritize your tasks and do the most income generating ones first. Put the majority of your time and energy into those. Fun stuff. New endeavors. Creative ideas... those all come after. It's kind of like when you're a kid and your parents make you eat your veggies. You get the idea.

5. Put On Your Big Girl Panties And Get It Done - Sometimes life just sucks. And sometimes things happen you don't want to. Sometimes you get sick or tired or both. Sometimes your home life is stressful. Here's the thing... you can't let yourself fall apart every time life throws you a curveball. If you do, you'll never get anywhere because curveballs are going to be a constant. Get comfortable being uncomfortable and handle your business. You can do it.

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