Wednesday, November 18

Why The Be Still Message Might Be Killing Your Progress

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I've kept quiet on this for a while but I can't sit by and let one more woman sabotage her own progress because of misunderstanding this mantra. Yes yes yes. I get it. Rest is good. Women, we work ourselves ragged. We put ourselves last. We need a reminder. But I'm sick of the misinterpretations of this "be still" message that is oh so popular across the inspirational channels of the interwebs. I know where it comes from, and I know it's from a place of love and support. But since my job is to work with women to help them become the best versions of themselves that they can be and build businesses that support their dreams, I feel obligated to set the record straight on

Be still...

Be still means do the work, and then trust the process. Trust the Universe. Trust yourself. Trust whatever forces internal or external that you need to trust to believe that the seeds you plant will turn into a harvest. (Note: You still did the planting.) Be still means don't forget about yourself. Don't put everyone's needs first and sacrifice your own well being. Be still means, remember your why. Tune into the life force that gives you inner strength. Be still is active. It's a verb. It's faith, it's trust, it's the deep knowing that you did all that you could for yourself and your situation and now you need to take a breath and know you did your best.

Be still is not...
- Your permission to give up on yourself
- Your "out" of doing the work required to change your situation
- Letting you off the hook for hard, but required, tasks that you don't want to do
- A fairy godmother coming to magically transform your situation
- A command to quit and ruin the momentum you've built in your life

Here's the thing... in anything... whether that is positive changes you are making in your own life and health, or growing a successful business, success requires speed. It's why Dave Ramsey preaches the snowball method of paying off debt. Start small, pay it off, gain momentum, and then tackle something bigger. That momentum is the key. And momentum is the key for any big changes you are trying to make happen in your life. Yes, it's hard. Yes, it takes effort. Yes, it takes re-prioritizing your time. If being successfully self employed were easy, everyone would do it. If being fit and healthy were easy, we wouldn't have an obesity crisis in our country. Starting and stopping and starting and stopping is death to business momentum, healthy lifestyle progress, and gas mileage. ;)

Be still is not your pass to stop trying and let someone else fix everything for you. It's your reminder to trust. It's someone reminding you to take a breath. To enjoy the scenery on the way to your goals. To stop and smell the roses... EN ROUTE... to your destination. Not to park it on the side of the road and live there from now on. Do you see what I'm saying?

Be still, but still, be bold. Breathe, self care, but don't altogether quit or stall out thinking that's what's best. I don't want to see you kill all the progress you've made. Inhale. Remember your why. Know you've given it your best. Trust. You've got this.

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