Thursday, December 3

31 Goals For My 31st Year

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It's my 31st birthday today. At 2:32pm I'll be officially a "thirty-something". No longer on the fringe of it at just 30 where I could dance in and out of my twenties and still feel like college was "just a few years ago". HA! It's legitimately one of the weirdest things that's happened to me. How is it possible? I don't feel like what I assumed a thirty-something person would feel like. I'm not sure who decided I was adult enough to be here. In fact, if I think about it too much, I freak myself out. So instead, I decided to put together a list of 31 things I want to accomplish in my 31st year. Because if I'm going to have to be 31, I might as well rock the shit out of it, you know?

I'm a goal setter. Maybe it's the Sag in me (I like something to aim my arrows at!) but I work well when I lay out my big dreams and I get competitive about crossing them off. So all through the year as I accomplish something, I'll draw a line through it. You can check in on this post by clicking the link in the sidebar all year, if you want to see how I'm doing. Let's go! (In no particular order) - 

1. Drink champagne more often 
2. Write an article about self love/health/overcoming for a bigger publication (life HuffPo)
3. Master handstands
4. Be in the best shape of my life
5. See a concert at Red Rocks
6. Blog 200 times (199 more to go!!!)
7. Spend a month with a mountain view
8. Get another tattoo
9. Put six figures in savings
10. Order fresh roses for the house for no particular reason
11. Read 10 books
12. Help 10 women to replace their full time incomes with their coaching businesses
13. Make a mala 
14. Redecorate Cadence's room
15. Leave a 100% tip just because
16. Have my portrait taken by Angelica Glass
17. Visit New York City when it's cold 
18. Create a living will with my husband
19. Have my aura photographed
20. Decide officially if we will be growing our family or not, and be content either way
21. Find an anti-aging skin care routine and stick with it (yay 31, HAHA!)
22. Triple my income
23. Begin looking at property to purchase
25. Help 5 women on my team grow their businesses to 6 figure salaries
26. Finish Project Downsize
27. Visit Glacier National Park 
28. Take Ballroom Dancing lessons with Nate
29. Get another stamp on my passport
30. Renovate the RV
31. Travel first class somewhere

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