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7 Things Your Beachbody Coach Wants You To Know!

how to be a good beachbody coach

I've been a coach for a little over two years now and I've worked with hundreds and hundreds of challengers and coaches in that time helping them find programs and tools that will work for them long term, resetting years of negative self talk and skewed ideas about weight loss, and motivating and encouraging them daily to stick with it till they get the results they want! In that time I've definitely had a few comical experiences. And I thought it might be fun to put together a list of 7 things your coach wants you to know but might not know how to tell you! So in case you are working with one, you can avoid some silly mistakes or common pitfalls in the process of working together and make your experience the best ever! Who loves ya? Muah.

 1. We WANT to connect with you! Sometimes people will tell me they are nervous to "bother" me with questions. But here's the thing, I want to help you. The more successful you are, the more successful I feel as a coach! So if you're trying to decide what program to do or if trying a particular product is a good fit for you please don't be afraid to ask us! We might even know of a deal or promotion we can hook you up with!

2. We can get you FREE SWAG. If you just go online and order a program from Beachbody or Amazon of eBay, you're missing out on some of the free perks we can hook you up with. A lot of programs come with a fun bonus workout disc when you order them through a coach. We can also help you find the best deal if you want a combination of things and hook you up with a discount if you want it.

3. We are not annoyed by photos of your food or sweaty selfies! Your family may look at you like you're crazy and your spouse might get embarrassed when you stop before each meal to compose a shot on your phone, but we LOVE it! I love when my challengers post photos all day long in our online accountability group. It's helps me so much to see exactly how they are doing and it helps them stay accountable! So bring on the food pics and selfies! I want them all!

4. If you really want results, then you do need to try Shakeology. Lot of people ask me if they really need to get it to join my challenges and the answer is YES. Why? Because I know firsthand how much it helps! It was my secret weapon in my own 70lb weight loss journey. It's not just a protein shake and no the one you have at home is not the same. It's packed with all kinds of extras that your body craves and it will make you feel energized and radiant while supporting the healthy habits you're cultivating in the rest of your life.

5. We can tell when you're cheating. And we will always welcome you back you little prodigal, you. I can tell now-a-days pretty quickly when one of my challengers is cheating on their plan or has fallen off the wagon. I know that it can feel embarrassing and you might just want to hide and never speak to me again because you think you've failed somehow but listen... this is not a try and fail scenario. The only way you can fail is if you don't pick yourself up and keep moving forward. So... don't be afraid to tell me you slipped. I'm not going to be upset or make you feel bad. But I will help you get back on track!

6. We are human too. As much as we live to be sources of inspiration all the time, we are human too. We have families and goals and slip ups along the way just like you. As coaches, we are just normal people constantly working to become the healthiest and best versions of ourselves that we can be. But we're human. So we get it! We may seem like we've got it all together all the time but we sometimes miss things or slip up or have to take a night off. If you've got a coach that has been working with you and helping you make sure to let them know you appreciate them! Hug a coach you love. ;)

7. Yes, the coach life is as incredible as we are always gushing about online! If you have seen your coach or other coaches online gushing about how much they love being a coach, how incredible the community of coaches is, how they are getting free gifts, getting paid to help people and get healthy, getting to go on free trips and vacations, etc.... know that YES it is really the most incredible thing! And we're happy to tell you more about it if you ever want to peek inside!
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