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The Top 10 New Years Resolutions + a Call To Stop Striving

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Here they are... according to neilsens these are the top 10 new year's resolutions from 2015. It's not really surprising is it? Odds are, you've had a few, if not all of these at some time yourself. I know I have. In fact, I'd venture to say I've had all of these as resolutions at some point!

And whether you like it or not, the season for change is upon us all! The holiday season is wrapping up (pun intended) and it's almost time to clink our glasses and dream big for 2016.

It's exciting isn't it? The chance to start fresh. To get a new try at whatever it is you wanted to do. Maybe you want to move in a new direction. Maybe you just want to improve on something. Maybe you want this to be the best year ever. Maybe you just want to escape. Whatever it is, you can't deny the pull as one year gives way to another. I feel it! Do you?!

If these resolutions look familiar to you, then read on! I've got something good for you up my sleeve!

Here's the thing... for years and years I'd set these same resolutions. I was part of the statistic. A lemming in a herd of people striving for a life they never lived. Resolving to change it all and running out of gas to do it by week three. Then feeling shitty about myself and my life for the other 49 weeks of the year until it was time to try again. GET OFF THE HAMSTER WHEEL! It's not taking us anywhere.

Then I stumbled into something that let me check all 10 of those resolutions off without even trying. I stopped striving. I jumped into the current and swam with it instead of against it! Becoming a coach helped me check each of these ten things off just because of the natural progression of coaching, without me having to strive for each one individually. It was like coaching handing me a gift... all 10 resolutions wrapped up in a bow. All I had to do was choose to unwrap it!

1. Stay Fit and Healthy - I chose to sign up as a coach before I ever had any success in my own weight loss or health because I KNEW that just having the title of coach would help me to stay accountable. And I was right! I can tell you with 100% conviction that if I had not chosen to become a coach, I probably would have quit on myself after a few rough months of fitness. Being a coach not only gave me a discount that helped me continue to stay plugged in with tools that helped me but the community helped give me the encouragement and support I needed to stick it out.

2. Lost Weight - Being a coach meant that I needed to live by example. And it comes with an entire toolkit that was at my disposal to use to help me. I found workouts that didn't suck, that were short, and a nutrition system that made sense to me and was easy to maintain. I lost 70 pounds.

3. Enjoy Life - Coaching not only helped me to get healthier, which helped me to feel more energetic and vibrant but it also helped me to step out of my comfort zone. Helping others gave me confidence and fulfilled me. Growing an income helped me feel less stressed about finances. And the community helped me to find some of my closest and dearest friends.

4. Save More - Because of the additional income coaching brought into my life, my family was able to pay off our consumer debt and start aggressively saving for our future. Something that would have absolutely been out of our grasp without this opportunity.

5. Quality Time With Loved Ones - While my coaching business was something that took up my extra time, it helped me to learn how to prioritize and be focused. Learning that skill helped me to prioritize my time with the people I love the most in all areas of my life! Plus, now that I am a full time coach, I have the freedom and flexibility to earn a full time income working part time from home (or wherever I want to go!)

6. Get Organized - For the first time in my life I have a system that works. Getting my fitness and nutrition in check bled over into other areas of my life. When you learn self discipline in one area it's easy to watch it spread into others. Soon my whole life was more organized!

7. Stop Making Resolutions - I did! I learned from my teammates and mentors that resolutions are like daydreams and setting SMART goals is what really helps you get somewhere. So I stopped making blanket resolutions and starting planning real steps to help me achieve my goals.

8. Learn Something New - Have I ever! Not only have I learned an entire new business but I've learned new fitness programs, how to eat in the right balance and proportion, all about social media, all about communication, all about leadership, all about working with various personality types, how to set big goals and accomplish them, how to prove myself wrong, how to do hard things... and so much more!

9. Travel More - Beachbody loves to travel. They have so many different trips through the year. This year alone because of coaching we got to go on an all expense paid vacation in Cancun, for a weeklong trip to Nashville, to visit LA and corporate headquarters nearby, to a retreat in Coronado on the ocean, and we've already earned our spots on an all expense paid weeklong cruise in the spring of next year! Not to mention the freedom this lifestyle has given us to be able to travel more just because we want to!

10. Read More - I've never read as much in my life as I do now! Since personal development is such an important part of success as a coach, I read about 12 books a year! That's basically like working on a masters degree... in myself! Ha!

So there you have it folks, if you're looking for an answer, here it is. It's staring you right in the face. and NOW is the time to be bold, be brave, and bet on yourself for 2016. Stop thinking you don't have what it takes, stop telling yourself why you can't and for once just tell yourself that you CAN and YOU WILL! Because success is a decision. And yours is just waiting for you to make it.

I've got another gift here ready and waiting for you. All you have to do is choose to unwrap it too. Will you join me and my team in 2016? There's nothing I want more for you (yes you if you are here reading this) than for you to be able to experience this freedom, community, and confidence. I don't care where you are right now, all I care about is your willingness to take steps in the direction you want to go!

If these resolutions sound familiar to you too, let's chat! Let me help you find answers to them all! I want to help you make this the year that you finally achieve all that you want to achieve!
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